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Shrink Wrapped Batteries

Shrink Wrapped Batteries

We offer a variety of shrink-wrapped batteries and in-house shrink wrap services for OEMs and ODMs to suit all production and resale needs. We can offer you what the factories cannot packaging that perfectly suits your requirement. Our super popular battery shrink wrapping services give manufacturers the ability to easily incorporate batteries into their finished products' packaging.

If you need a different battery size, quantity, or packaging, please feel free to contact us by phone at 860-767-8888 or email.

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Please Note: Opening orders for many of these shrink wrapped batteries are large. Many of these items have minimum order quantities and are sold in case packs. Please message customerservice@batteryjunction.com for more information.

Available in an Assortment of Sizes, Brands & Quantities

These shrink wrapped batteries for sale include some of our most popular brands and models, including Energizer L91 AA batteries and Duracell Duralocks. Browse through our entire selection to find the right chemistry, size and package quantity you need. Ditch the organization disaster that is bulk battery storage and switch to shrink wrapped batteries. Your storage facility will be more organized, your employees will prefer the grouped packaging and your bank account will appreciate the low low prices.

Can't find what you need?

We are constantly adding more batteries and packaging options to our selection. Please feel free to contact our customer service staff, through phone, email or chat; we'd be happy to assist you with finding the right power source for your individual needs.