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Size 13

Replacement Hearing Aid Batteries

Powering a hearing aid with the proper battery is essential. While it is more convenient to buy hearing aid batteries at a local convenience store, the cost of that convenience is undeniable. BatteryJunction.com offers an affordable and a reliable solution for buying hearing aid batteries. Whether an end user of hearing aids or a doctor's office providing life-changing instruments to your clients, we have the right battery size and packaging options to suit every need.

Size 13 Batteries for BTE & ITE Devices

There are many different styles of hearing instruments to suit a user's personal preference and needs. Size 13 hearing aid batteries are typically used in behind-the-ear (BTE) and In-the-Ear (ITE) devices. BTE hearing aids are probably the most commonly used instruments. These devices feature a hard plastic casing that fits snugly behind the top of a user's ear and is therefore hidden by a hair. BTE hearing aids are often times custom-made to fit perfectly around an individual's ear and are even available in different colors to blend in with a user's skin tone. ITE instruments, on the other hand, are designed for individuals with disabilities and/or dexterity challenges with mild to severe hearing loss. In-the-Ear hearing aids are custom-designed to fit a user's body, perfectly adjusting to the contours of his or her outer ear. ITE instruments are designed to amplify sound and can even be modified with additional features to enhance an individual's experience.

Good Hearing Aid Batteries at Affordable Prices

Hearing aids use small microphones to collect sound and then a computer chip that converts and amplifies that sound for the user. Individuals with hearing loss lead normal, busy lives, but they rely on these tiny little devices to help them communicate. Because these hearing instruments are so important, it's essential that the batteries used to power them are reliable and long lasting. That's where BatteryJunction.com comes in. We offer a wide selection of non-rechargeable hearing aid batteries, including size 13 button cells, for ITE and BTE devices. What sets BatteryJunction.com apart from its competitors is that we keep a stocked warehouse of inventory so that we may provide our customers with fast shipping. We are not a drop-shipper. We buy directly from the manufacturer's and pass along the savings to you.

Size 13 hearing aid batteries, known as the orange-tabbed battery, feature Zinc Air chemistry to provide long-lasting power on which a user can rely. In fact, most devices last between five and seven days, so having replacement batteries on hand is imperative. To avoid running out of batteries, we recommend that users keep at least one month's supply of size 13 batteries on hand, which is about ten button cells. The great thing about Zinc Air hearing aid batteries is that they have a long shelf life as well. Feel free to stock up on more, as they typically offer either a three- or four-year shelf life, depending on the manufacturer!

Do you need a different size hearing aid battery? No problem - we offer all four standard size options: brown, yellow, orange, and blue. Please feel free to browse through our entire selection today, or give our customer service representative a call. We are here to help you find the best single-use batteries for all of your portable electronic needs. Thank you for shopping with us at BatteryJunction.com.