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Sealed Lead Acid Flashlights

Browse Our Assortment of Rechargeable SLA Flashlights

Sealed lead acid flashlights utilize rechargeable SLA batteries as their power source. These lights are perfect for use in emergency situations, as they eliminate the need for replacement batteries. We suggest storing the SLA lights at both your home and in the workplace so that you have a reliable light source in any time of need. These sealed lead acid flashlights are available in a variety of sizes, styles and outputs, including the brilliant 12000-lumen remote area lighting system from Pelican. Handheld lights are also available, including those from both Streamlight and Wagan. Seal lead acid flashlights work best when the battery is fully charged. Please keep your power source full and ready to go at a moment's notice, by periodically charging the light every couple of months. During an emergency situation, you want a spotlight or a flood light on which you can rely. These SLA flashlights feature batteries that are rugged, won't leak and are easy to recharge in-between uses. Check out our entire selection today, to find the right sealed lead acid flashlight for your individual needs.