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Smoke Alarm Batteries

Smoke Alarm Batteries

Here at BatteryJunction.com, we understand how important it is to keep smoke alarm batteries in top condition. In an emergency, where a minute can be the difference between replacing a fire extinguisher and replacing a house, we want to be absolutely sure our batteries will power the alarms.

Replacing smoke alarm batteries is a hassle though; while running other errands most people forget why they got them and grocery stores charge high rates for the replacements. We made this page to help you find the right smoke alarm batteries quickly and easily. Just click on the buttons labeled with your smoke alarm brand and model to see batteries compatible with it. If your particular model isn't listed, use the filter menu to select the type of battery you need.


Which battery will last the longest?

Lithium metal batteries have both high capacity and low self-discharge, keeping most alarms running for a few years. If you don't want to pay the higher cost, you can also use alkaline ones, which will still last several months.

How about rechargeable batteries? Can I use those?

We do not recommend rechargeable batteries in your smoke detector unless your user manual explicitly states that it is compatible with them. Rechargeable cells will lose charge more quickly than non-rechargeable ones and most smoke detectors cannot detect when a rechargeable battery is low on charge.

Whether you want to stop the loud low battery warning beeps with our high-capacity lithium metal batteries, stop searching the local grocery store for an uncommon smoke alarm battery size, or simply have the peace of mind of having early warning in an emergency, BatteryJunction.com has you covered.

Smoke Alarm Batteries

Brand Model Battery Size Quantity Chemistry We Recommend
Kidde KN-COSM-BA, RF-SM-DC AA 2, 3 Alkaline Duracell MN1500
i9030, i9040, i9050, i9060, i9070, p12040, p9040, p9050, i4618A, i4718A, i5000A, i9080 9V 1 Alkaline or Carbon Zinc Eveready 1222
1279-9999, pi9010, KN-COPE-D 9V 1 Alkaline or Lithium Energizer 522
First Alert SA511CN2-3ST, SA320CN, SCO5 AA 2 Alkaline Energizer E91
CO400, SA303CN3, 9120B 9V 2 Alkaline or Lithium UltraLife U9VL-J-P
Nest Protect AA 1 Lithium Energizer L91
SimpliSafe SSSD1 CR123A 1 Lithium Panasonic CR123A
Honeywell 5808W3, 5808LST, 5800COMBO CR123A 1, 2, 4 Lithium Panasonic CR123A
2GIG SMKT3-345 AAA 3 Alkaline Duracell PC2400
Firefighter (FF) CR123A 1 Lithium Panasonic CR123A
Ardwolf GS528A 9V 1 Alkaline Gold Peak 1604