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Nitecore Intellicharge i4 4-Channel Smart Battery Charger for Li-Ion, Ni-Cd,& NiMH by Sysmax

Nitecore Intellicharge i4 4-Channel Smart Battery Charger for Li-Ion, Ni-Cd,& NiMH by Sysmax
Nitecore Intellicharge i4 4-Channel Smart Battery Charger for Li-Ion, Ni-Cd,& NiMH by Sysmax
Nitecore Intellicharge i4 4-Channel Smart Battery Charger for Li-Ion, Ni-Cd,& NiMH by Sysmax
Nitecore Intellicharge i4 4-Channel Smart Battery Charger for Li-Ion, Ni-Cd,& NiMH by Sysmax
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Nitecore Intellicharge i4 4-Channel Smart Battery Charger for Li-Ion, Ni-Cd,& NiMH by Sysmax
Nitecore Intellicharge i4 4-Channel Smart Battery Charger for Li-Ion, Ni-Cd,& NiMH by Sysmax
Nitecore Intellicharge i4 4-Channel Smart Battery Charger for Li-Ion, Ni-Cd,& NiMH by Sysmax
Nitecore Intellicharge i4 4-Channel Smart Battery Charger for Li-Ion, Ni-Cd,& NiMH by Sysmax
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The SYSMAX Intellicharge i4 is the Universal Charger that you've been waiting for. Compatible with nearly all types of rechargeable batteries it makes owning multiple chargers a thing of the past. The i4 automatically identifies and charges Li-ion, Ni-MH and Ni-CD rechargeable batteries using the correct charging mode. Each of the i4’s bays is independently controlled is capable of monitoring and charging your batteries individually according to their type and capacity. With easy to read LED status indicators the i4 makes charging as simple as plug and go.

  • Simultaneously charge four batteries
  • Each battery slot is charged and monitored independently
  • Automatically detects battery type, status, and ideal charging mode
  • Features three charging modes:
    • Constant Current Charge (CC)
    • Constant Charge Voltage (CV)
    • Trickle Charge
  • Easy to read Tri-Color LED shows battery charge progress
  • Automatically stops charging when complete
  • Integrated Reverse Polarity Protection
  • RoHS and CE Certified
  • Input voltage: AC 110~240V 50/60HZ or DC 12V
  • Input power: 10W
  • Output voltage: 4.2V ±1% / 1.48V ±1%
  • Output current: 375mA x 4 / 750mA x 2
  • Dimensions: 139mm x 96mm x 36mm
  • Weight: 156g (without batteries and power cord)
  • Compatible with:
    • Li-ion: 26650, 22650, 18650, 17670, 18490, 17500, 17335, 16340(RCR123), 14500, 10440
    • Ni-MH / Ni-CD: AA, AAA, Sub C, and C
Warning! The i4 charger cannot identify the battery capacity itself. So when charging one single 10440 Li-ion battery or AAA rechargeable battery, the i4 still emits about 750mA current for charging, causing the battery to become hot.

- Please do not use the i4 to charge one single 10440 Li-ion or one single AAA rechargeable battery.

- When charging two 10440 Li-ion or two AAA rechargeable batteries, please set them in slot 1 and 3 or slot 2 and 4.

Click Here for Instructions
Charge Channels:4
Supported Chemistries:Li-Ion, Ni-Cd, Ni-MH
Compatible Battery Sizes:10440, 14500, 16340, 17670, 18650, 3V RCR123A, AA, AAA
Charge Current:750mA
Batteries Included:No
Product Certifications:CE, RoHS
Warranty:Battery Junction 30-Day Warranty, Nitecore 1 Year Warranty
Return Policy:Battery Junction Return Policy
Product Weight:5.5oz
Product Dimensions:5.48" (L) x 3.78" (W) x 1.42" (H)
Country of Origin:CN
37 Reviews
62% (23)
16% (6)
14% (5)
5% (2)
3% (1)
70% Recommend this product (26 of 37 responses)
By Matt
November 29, 2016
Not impressed - AAA's fit horrible
Charger does what it's supposed to do, charge batteries and I'm glad for the "smart" features. However, what is not smart is the design for AAA batteries. It lists AAA as being able to charge which it can do after several frustrating efforts to fit 4 batteries into the charger placing them just perfectly so they don't slide out of place and stop charging. AAA is the main reason for purchasing and I'm very disappointed. If they would fit well, I would give it a 4 star rating, knocking off 1 star for speed of charge which is quite slow.
ProsSmart, multiple battery types, easy to read display for charging each battery,
ConsAAA's fit horrible - Do not buy this charger for AAA's
By Robyne
November 29, 2016
Versatile Battery Charger
I bought this charger for all the options, independent charging on each battery so you can charge AA & AAA at the same time, indicators for each cell, all around versatile charger at a good price.
ProsCharge different size batteries at same time Indicators for each charge cell
Consnone so far
May 9, 2016
work great thank
work great fast
By Mark
Lisle, IL
February 7, 2016
Great charger
Does a great job charging any type of cell.
ProsVersatile' compact.
Cons18650s are a bit inconvenient to insert -- they max out the slot height. Not as fancy as the newer versions. :)
By Charlie
Tucson Arizona
January 29, 2016
Works perfectly!! I'll never run out of battery power again!
By Mark R.
Livingston, LA
December 29, 2015
works good on many batterys
By Rich
The OC, California
November 20, 2015
Just what I needed.
Was looking for a charger for AA and 18650. This one is on the mar at a very low price. My Nitecore i4 has been in service for a year and works as advertised.
ProsThree lights on each bay tells you the progress and when the battery in fully charged.
ConsAfter a year, no Cons.
By Matt
Gilbert, AZ
August 17, 2015
Good equipment
Easy to use. Charges batteries fast.
By Kelly
New Jersey
August 3, 2015
Just what I was looking for! Works perfectly. Great buy.
By Chris
Denver, Colorado
June 14, 2015
Reliable charger for reliable batteries
For my protected and unprotected batteries that range from convenience of rechargeable A's to 18650's batteries this is my go to charger. I have no problems using this charger and I can trust that it won't damage my batteries by over charging. Granted it's a little hard to remove all four batteries from the bay, but you just gotta start from one side to the other side. Simple.
By Dennis
Boston, MA.
June 9, 2015
The fastest, easiest to use charger I've ever had, Not very expensive, I would recommend it.
ProsFast, Easy to use, charge indicators simple but easy to see.
ConsHaven't had any yet
By Greg
Chester, VA
June 3, 2015
Well made, great features at a great price
Well made charger with great features.
Brookfield, CT
May 30, 2015
Nitecore Intellicharger i4
This charger works well, it performs as described. I use it to charge protected 18650 li-ion cells, I have not tried NiMh or NiCd. If you are new to l-ion cells I recommend this. You can obtain more advanced chargers for more money, but for someone who needs a dependable four cell charger this one provides a lot for your money. Some of my button top protected 18650 li-ion cells are long, and prove to be tricky to install and remove from the charger.
ProsCompatible with many cells
ConsSome cells , protected 18650 are near the maximum acceptable length to fit
By Kyle
SE Alaska
March 31, 2015
Good charger despite cheap materials
This is my second i4 charger, I have one at home and one at work. This second charger seems to be a bit less finicky than my first one in terms of the springs. The first one I purchased has very stiff springs, and it can be difficult to position batteries in the charger. This new one works much more smoothly. While it's mostly plastic, and thin metal they both hold up well, and perform the charging duties admirably. The only concern is that if you're charging one or two batteries you have to be concerned about which slots to use, and the size of the batteries, as a single 10440 isn't a good way to use the charger.
Proscharges many types, and methods
Consmust use more than one 10440 at a time, and alternate slots if not fully loaded. This is identified in the literature, but once you've lost that you have to remember these points, as nothing on the charger gives you clues about the caveats.
March 31, 2015
It charges...but not fast.
I needed another fast charger for AA Nimh...was disappionted that it was considerably slower than my other chargers, taking more than 5 hrs to charge moderately discharged new batteries. (my others do it in 20 - 40 min). I will keep it mainly because it would cost me close to $20 in return postage/restock fees etc.. But it does charge batteries, if that is what you need.
By Lee
Portland ,Oregon
February 20, 2015
was not a killer Deal
I HAVE SEEN new OFFERS of 4 rechargable batteries and a battery charger for half the price if what i paid for just the charger looks like there is a war between major battery makers,and must admit it is a new great deal out there at the big bix stores.
ProsMabe a good charger
ConsYou can find similar chargers out there very recently with 4 rechargeable batters for half the price.Hard to beat and the makers know it..
By Dan
The Dalles, OR
February 5, 2015
Nitecore 4 panel Intellicharge Battery Charger
Great charger! Handles virtually all standard rechargeable batteries, and will do it with either a 110v or a 12v power source.
By Greg
Franklin, GA
January 24, 2015
Great charger
It works as advertised. You can't go wrong with Nitecore products.
By Cecil
Rockport, TX
January 11, 2015
Excellent, reliable battery charger
I have had a Nitecore Intellicharger i4 for a while and recently purchased a 60-pack of AAA batteries, a 12-pack of AA batteries, and several Nitecore 18650 batteries. This charger proved to be a champion! The AAA batteries took about 4 hours to fully charge, the AA batteries took about 6-8 hours to fully charge, and the 18650 batteries took about 8-10 hours to fully charge. No problems whatever. One of the slides stuck initially, but after the marathon charging session, all the slides work perfectly an smoothly. I also bought one of these chargers for a friend for Christmas, along with a Nitecore flashlight and some Nitecore 18650 batteries. So far I have been very impressed with all Nitecore products. I now own 2 different Nitecore flashlights, the charger, and 8 of the Nitecore 18650 batteries.
ProsExcellent, reliable charger
ConsAbsolutely no cons
By Adam
January 7, 2015
Lots of coverage for sizes and types
Works great so far, only a couple of uses.
ProsDifferent sizes and types of rechargeable batteries, price
ConsAA's need to be postioned carefully compared to bigger 18650's, but it still works great
By Mark
Helotes, TX
January 1, 2015
Versatile Charger
I bought this charger and a Fenix ARE-C2 charger. The Nitecore offers the ability to charge Ni-Cd batteries. The Fenix does not list Ni-Cd as supported batteries. I don't own any Ni-Cd batteries and have not tried them in the Nitecore but I like the option. Besides, the Nitecore costs less than the Fenix.
ConsNone yet
By gordon muffat
United States
December 11, 2014
Works fine with batteries, except AAA. The battery keeps slipping out of position and quits charging.
Works fine with batteries, except AAA. The battery keeps slipping out of position and quits charging.
By Bill
Orange, Texas
October 1, 2014
120v plug doesn't fit in the charger.
It appears to charge NiCd and Ni-MH batteries, haven't tried the Li-ion's as yet, the great deal on 20 Li-on's just arrived, I'll let you know.
ProsCharges quickly.
ConsI had to use a wall charger, (120v to 12v) I had, as the supplied 120 volt power cord did not fit in the unit's female connector. I don't know why you would need the 3 yellow lights to show the charging process, only 1 to show charging and 1 to show charged would be enough. I'm not complaining if it lasts at least a year. ha-ha.
By Gilles
Monterey, CA
September 23, 2014
I love this charger as it has everything I wanted (see Pros section below which is basically my wish list). However, my particular model is definitely overcharging my batteries (Eneloop pros AA and AAAs). I never leave a pair for more than a couple hours at a time and even though it's still charging when I take them off, they are fully charged (usually around 1.55V already). I left one in overnight just to see; the voltage was 1.67V in the morning and the battery was definitely hot so I don't trust this charger for unattended charge. But I have it so I use it on a timer which seems to do the trick.
ProsBuilt-in power supply (does not require external brick) 4 adjustable chargers independently tracks each battery individually allowing multiple size Charge simultaneously.
ConsMine overcharges the batteries which is a sad discovery
By Mass. Wine Guy
United States
September 14, 2014
Terrific Charger
This is truly a terrific charger, esp. for the price. I've never had trouble inserting larger batteries. It may take 10 seconds instead of the usual three with AA batteries. Wow, that's a deal breaker alright. I love that it charges all the battery types I own.
ProsCompact, charges a wide variety of batteries, easy to use, good quality.
ConsI had to lube the sliders when I first got the charger becasue they were a little stiff.
By Na Yang
Boulder, CO
September 11, 2014
So far good and working as specified
I ordered this along w/rechargeable lithium batteries. The unit is working as specified and no issue at the moment.
By Todd Sawasky
August 21, 2014
It works
This is a good charger, but the cord falls out of it too easily, sometimes on its own
ProsCharges batteries of all sizes
ConsThe cord attachment is terrible its way too sloppy.
By Jeffrey
Rochester, New York
August 20, 2014
Excellent Charger
It's very quick and easy to use. I couldn't ask for anything more from a battery charger.
ProsEasy to read LEDs
ConsNo LCD display
By Chris W
Bowling Green, Ky
August 6, 2014
5 Stars all the way! This is the one you want...
Only four stars? Are you kidding me? This is best battery charger on the market. Second only to its BIG brother, the Nitecore Digicharger D4. The i4 has worked perfectly on everything I have thrown in it. IMR Li-MN, Li-Po, Li-on, Ni-Cad, Ni-Mh, 26650,18650,18350,16340, AA, AAA, and it does more than that. These are just what I have personally put in it! The thing is built really well and with good materials. And I am Super Picky! Not to mention that it works on 12V DC as well as 110 AC. Leave all your stuff in the truck, no need to pack it back and fourth.... if they rank the 12 best this should be #2 with the D4 #1. They didn't even mention the D4 ? If you want the best for the cash without all the razzle of a digital display. this is IT! if not, the the D4 it is.
ProsDoes everything, does it well, does it safely and a very reasonable price
ConsThe longer batteries (18650) are a little tricky to insert
By MarkWynn
Lincoln, NE
July 3, 2014
Charges great ... hard to load 18650s
This inexpensive charger charges premium 18650s nicely. However, it is very difficult to load those 18650s, which just barely fit the length of the slot, and the sliding back contact is too short to keep a finger on it, after you slide it all the way back, and then try to insert the battery. It's a challenge every time I charge, and the covering on the 18650s are getting torn up by the effort. I'll just have to find a thin, strong tool to hold the contact against the back wall of the charger while I get the 18650 in the slot.
Prosinexpensive intelligent ... charges, shuts off automatically
Consvery challenging to load 18650s
5 Questions & 5 Answers
from Syracuse, NY asked:
September 11, 2014
Would this device charge 18650 batteries? Also by "Smart" does it automatically stop charging once complete?
1 Answer
Yes, the i4 does charge Li-ion 18650 batteries and will automatically stop charging once complete.
Customer Service
on September 12, 2014

from Starksboro, VT asked:
August 22, 2014
Does this charger take size C?
1 Answer
No, unfortunately, the i4 does not charge rechargeable C-cell batteries, but the Titanium Smart NiMh charger and Energizer NiMh charger will charge C-cell batteries.
Customer Service
on August 22, 2014

from fort plain ny asked:
July 7, 2014
Does this item have any type of guarantee or warranty?
1 Answer
Within 30 days of purchase: Return the product to the retailer you purchased it from and they will replace or repair it. Within 2 years of purchase: Return the product to Nitecore and they will repair it. For any further warranty questions contact Customer Service here or call us at (860)-767-8888. Thank you.
Customer Service
on July 9, 2014

from Philly asked:
June 18, 2014
What size is the pin for the Cigarette lighter charger?
1 Answer
The pin size diameter is 0.228" (5.79mm).
Customer Service
on June 23, 2014

Levon Goganian
from Los Angeles, CA asked:
April 13, 2014
Does this item charge the same batteries as the Fenix ARE-C2? Which one would you recommend if you were only considering versatility, quality and longevity, and why?
1 Answer
The i4 and ARE-C2 charge the same batteries, though the i4 charges more Li-ion batteries. I would recommend the i4 charger, as it is more versatile. I personally own the i2 charger and it has never let me down.
Customer Service
on April 14, 2014

Nitecore Intellicharge i4 4-Channel Smart Battery Charger for Li-Ion, Ni-Cd,& NiMH by Sysmax

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