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Strike Bezels & Window Breakers

Flashlight Strike Bezels

For Law Enforcement and military professionals, having a strike bezel on a flashlight could be the difference between life and death. This simple flashlight attachment transforms a hand-held light into a self-defense instrument suitable for use during hand-to-hand combat. A strike bezel may also be used to break glass, such as during a search-and-rescue mission or another emergency scenario. Typically, flashlight strike bezels are constructed from a strong and durable stainless steel material so that it can withstand daily carrying and rough terrain. The add-on accessory is often equipped with threads so that it may be securely attached to the head of a flashlight. No additional tools or hardware is required; however, the threaded design is sure to keep a secure attachment to the light.

Bust-A-Cap Tailcap Attachments

Another form of self-defense, striking tool is the tactical tailcap accessory from Bust-A-Cap. This add-on accessory attaches to the tail of a flashlight, in place of the existing cap. The tactical tailcap striking tool is ideally meant for use by firefighters and police officers so that they may safely enter a building, by safely breaking the glass.

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