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SUNWAYMAN Flashlights

Sunwayman Banner

SUNWAYMAN LED flashlights are known for their beauty, innovation, and superior quality.

SUNWAYMAN flashlight designers and take into account detail and elegance when creating all SUNWANMAN LED flashlights. Not only do all SUNWAYMAN flashlights have a beautiful exterior, but they are also built with the latest innovations, technology, and LEDs. SUNWAYMAN LED flashlights are built to provide the maximum light output, in a small, sleek, and portable package.

SUNWAYMAN's signature magnetic control system is implemented in many SUNWAYMAN flashlights.

This allows for infinite brightness levels by simply twisting the bezel. Their high efficiency reflectors provide a smooth beam pattern, and the high efficiency heat sink systems implemented in many SUNWAYMAN flashlights ensures that the light output will remain stable and the light will run for hours.

Please Note: The SUNWAYMAN flashlight brand was formally known as SUNWAYLED