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P60 Style 1-Mode 335 Lumen XP-G (R5) LED Drop In Flashlight Upgrade

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P60 Style 1-Mode 335 Lumen XP-G (R5) LED Drop In Flashlight Upgrade

  • Single mode
  • 335 Lumens
  • 3.7V-18V input voltage
  • Outer spring is removable for some fitments
  • Height including support spring: 38mm
  • Height excluding support spring: 27.6mm
  • Weight: 20g

Fits the following lights: Blackhawk Falcata, Boker B0006, Brinkman Legend, Maxfire (LX models on both), Cabela's XPG (Xenon models), Dereelight CL1H (all Versions), DealExtreme {DX} HF-19, SKUs' ~ 1284, 4226, 14329, 14597, 14902, 15159 (DIY chassis), 15565, 15561 & OEMs, G&P T6, T9, T12, R12, Hellfighter X-4, X-8, Huntlight FT-01PJ, FT-01X SE (Luxeon versions on both), Kaidomain KD Tough, & OEMs, M812, Mega CREE Q2, Nextorch (vaious models), Pelican M6 (newer version M6)...Slight modifications needed, PentagonLight X1, Xenon chassis {to be confirmed}, Pila GL2/3/4, Romisen RC-E4, RC-M4, RX-A, Smartfire A-1,T1, Solarforce L2, SF6, SF9, SF12, Spiderfire Q5, R2, X-O3, Superfire C1, see Ultrafire models, Surefire {SF} 3P, 3R, 6, 6P, 6PD, 6PL, 6R, 6Z, 7Z, 9P, 9Z, C2, C3, D2, D3, G2, G2L, G2Z, G3, G3L, GZ2, M2, Z2, Z3, Various Weaponlight models, Tactical Operations Products Stryker (slight modifications necessary), Xenon models, Trustfire T1-Q5, TR-B1/2/3, TR-C1 & 2, TR-Q5, TR-C2, Ultrafire 6P, 9P, 12P, C1, Alpha-C1, L2, WF-501A/B/C/D, WF-502B/C/D, WF-503B, Wolf-Eyes (See dimensions), XLight HA-III Cree Q3 kit, HA-III Cree Q5 XTAR P4
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By Josh
Great mod for old ASP incandescent
October 1, 2020
I have an old ASP incandescent torch that I wanted to convert to LED. After research, there is no drop-in replacement made. This is the next best option. It does require removing material from the bell to make this fit. I achieved this will a drill press and a stepped bit. The large spring also had to be removed. But overall, I completed the mod without a hitch! This little torch is back in service and brighter than it's ever been!
By Gary B.
Otsego, MN
Work great, though a little large
December 27, 2016
I bought a Streamlight Nitrolon flashlight 20 years ago, and was so impressed with the features and performance that I bought another a few years later (on sale). I was everything I wanted in a pocket carry flashlight for personal defense, and the light output was higher than anything else that size and price.

Well, something happened in the intervening years = LED's!! And when I compared these Nitrolon lights to LED lights I'd bought more recently, their output seemed pathetic by comparison.

So I figured "Why not replace the lamps with LED's?" and sure enough, they're putting out over 300 lumens, compared to less than half of that before. WOW!

The one issue is that, even when tightened down to the max, there's about a 1/16" gap -- The LED unit is just that much longer than the original. I suppose it might be possible to clip a little off the spring or something like that, but I'm afraid of ruining the unit. My solution was to go the plumbing section of my big box hardware store and buy a couple of washers that fit over the end (with a little effort) and fill that gap. They're only $1 or so. The light was not rated as waterproof in the first place, so I'm terribly concerned if the seal is not perfect.
  • It's like giving your old flashlight a new lease on life. Don't wait! Order today!
  • A little long compared with the original, but the gap is small and a rubber gasket from the plumbing department fills the gap for $1.
By Michael
Not as good as the xenon
February 21, 2022
I bought this as a back up and to try in comparison to the Zino bulb. No matter what they seem to do with LED, it just doesn’t have the same throw distance. Definitely quite bright within 30 to 50 m but after that it fades off quickly and I prefer my xenon.
By David S.
P60 led drop in
March 24, 2021
A great and affordable way to upgrade my surefire 6p. I bought 2 of the p60 dropins four years ago and I haven't had any problems with them. There both working perfectly to this day.
By Bill C.
orlando, fl
Not truely a drop in but excellent light output
August 31, 2020
This bulb assembly is slightly bigger by a few thousandths in diameter than the stock bulb.
After machining out the body of my flashlight it fit after removing the outer spring.
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