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Tactical Pens & Writing Utensils

Our tactical pens combine executive appeal with a strategic edge. Easy to conceal and inconspicuous when exposed, a tactical pen can help you protect yourself in locations where more obvious weapons aren?t allowed. Made from materials like titanium and anodized aluminum, these durable housings are ready to rise to the occasion. Used as a simple lever, tactical pens can function as a force multiplier in the hands of a trained operator. Even if you?re not trained in self-defense, our pens which feature strike bezels can be used to disable aggressors or break glass in an emergency.

Tactical pens are useful for all walks of life, from law enforcement and the military, to college students and late-night commuters looking for the peace of mind that comes from having that extra bit of security by your side.

Looking for something similar in flashlight form? Many of our tactical flashlights come standard with a strike bezel (also called a crenelated bezel), as well as a blinding strobe feature that can disorient aggressors.

If you're more interested in safely breaking glass in emergency scenarios, you may want to try our Bust-A-Cap Tactical Tailcaps. They?re an easy add-on to your current flashlight, designed for breaking tough glass with minimal shattering.