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Tenergy Centura LSD 10107 D-cell 8000mAh 1.2V Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) Button Top Batteries - 2 Piece Retail Card

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Tenergy Low Self-Discharge (LSD) NiMH Batteries are a combination of a rechargeable and a disposable batteries, the future of rechargeable batteries. Being that the Tenergy batteries have a very low self-discharge, the batteries lose their charge very slowly. Once charged, a the battery keeps its charge even if you store it for 12 or 24 months. (It keeps 85 percent of the charge after 12 months, and 70 percent after 24 months). For a rechargeable battery this is a revolutionary advantage.

In contrast to a disposable battery, the Tenergy batteries can be used over hundreds of times. This saves the environment and your wallet. One Tenergy Low Self-Discharge battery saves the waste and the cost of 999 disposable batteries.

This Tenergy LSD D Cell battery is perfect for any high-drain application requiring D cell batteries. It replaces disposable batteries in flashlights, lanterns, radio receivers, transmitters, boomboxes, portable speakers, safety systems, toys, and more.

Tenergy Low Self-Discharge (LSD) NiMH Batteries are compatible with any size D NiMH battery charger.

Features and Specifications:
  • High quality D Size 8000mAh rechargeable Nickel Metal Hydride (Ni-MH) battery, top of line.
  • Combines all the features of the alkaline battery (Ready to Use) with the benefits of rechargeable battery
  • Very slow self discharge maintains 85% residual capacity after 1 year of storage and 70% residual capacity after 2 years of storage
  • Exact replacement for standard D size battery in all the devices
  • Provides ultra long use time per charge with this super high 8000mAh capacity
  • Advanced Ni-MH technology means twice longer use life per charge than the ordinary rechargeables
  • Designed for enhanced performance for high drain applications
  • Can be recharged for up to 1000 times, providing big saving by replacing hundreds of throw away D batteries.
  • Convenient operation without memory effect. Can be charged anytime.
  • Can be rapidly charged with any quick charger, smart chargers, plug in charger or universal chargers
  • Weight per cell: 5.4oz
  • 6 months manufacturer warranty
  • Manufacturer's Part Number: 10107
  • UPC: 844949020015
Battery Size:D
Battery Capacity (mAh):8000
Battery Chemistry:Ni-MH
Battery Voltage:1.2
Battery Terminal Type:Button Top
Battery Shelf Life:4-6 Years
Packaging:Retail Packaging
Warranty:Battery Junction 30-Day Warranty
Return Policy:Battery Junction Return Policy
Product Weight:5.4oz
Country of Origin:China
Associated Battery Sizes:1.2H4, 10105, D, DC1300, HR20, KR20, LD713, NH50, NM713, PL713
By Ford
Seattle, WA
Tenergy Centura LSD batts are great for emergency flashlights.
July 18, 2017
I got these Tenergy Centura batts for the D-cell Maglite in our truck. These LSD batts are great over the long-run, for a flashlight that gets used only occasionally, hopefully.
By Navin
Newport Beach, CA
Nice 8000mAh capacity!
February 6, 2017
I wasn't sure of the capacity at first but after a few uses it runs forever!
ProsGreat 8000mAh capacity.
ConsMaybe a little heavy, but so worth it!
By Kevin
Cedar Rapids, Iowa
Excellent Rechargeable D Battery
September 28, 2016
Very happy with their performance. Their performance has been as advertised.
Pros1. Can be recharged hundreds of times. 2. Hold their charge very long. 3. They save you money.
By Greg
Woonsocket, RI
As advertised, very pleased
December 21, 2014
I've purchased quite a few of these over the past two years from Battery Junction, and also the Tenergy charger ( a couple dozen), plus the same brand/type for AA, AAA, C, and 9V. They are truly low self discharge.

I did have two of the D cells leak on me in the charger when brand new, Battery Junction replaced them right away. None of the other batteries have ever shown any issues. I highly recommend them.
ProsLSD, Very long life, good power density, a big money saver over non-rechargeable primary cells
ConsI had one set leak immediately, replaced immediately by Battery Junction. The failure rate seems very low though.
By D W.
Great for ongoing emergencies
November 24, 2012
I used to use alkaline batteries in devices that were on standby. The NiMH were mostly for devices seeing regular use, whether I used them daily or for potential use during rolling blackouts. Then I saw NiMH batteries--these--that could be charged ahead of time.

Needless to say, I bought a bunch of them. I charged them up soon after, and I now know that, in the event of a blackout, I will be able to use them in emergency devices (flashlights and lanterns). I also know that these are good for more than one blackout. If we get a blackout, and I use these batteries, when the lights come back I simply stuff them in chargers (which I bought at Battery Junction--far superior to anything I can get at big box stores) and wait a few hours for them to recharge. Then they are good for the next blackout.

This assessment applies for all sizes of Tenergy low self-discharge batteries. I use them in AA devices (including the very fine Fenix and Nitecore lights sold here), and I got a bunch of AAA in LSD NiMH (of the same brand). That way, one charge and I am ready to pop them in my headlight and go, even if the blackout doesn\'t come until a thunderstorm in the summer of 2013. Annual top-charging is better than charging them in a panic a day or 2 before a windstorm.

One word: These are slightly lower in capacity than the regular Tenergy NiMH, which I still use in devices that receive daily use. You sacrifice about 20% of the capacity to get low self discharge. Also, I do have Christmas lights that absolutely require alkaline (or NiZn) batteries to work properly. These facts aside, I have the peace of mind that, should we get storm blackouts or a major energy crisis and rolling blackouts, I can simply use these fine batteries and still power my portable CD player and my fine lanterns.
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Tenergy Centura LSD 10107 D-cell 8000mAh 1.2V Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) Button Top Batteries - 2 Piece Retail Card

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