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ThruNite Flashlights

About Thrunite

Thrunite is an innovative flashlight company built on a dream and committed to delivering high-quality flashlights at an affordable price. The company, based in China, was founded in 2009 and has been dedicated to keeping high-quality product accessible to all. These flashlights are designed to meet a different spectrum of needs, and with each model you'll find a powerful LED that will, "guide you through the night."

Durably Built Options

Thrunite designs specialized equipment for everyone from law enforcement to adventurers to your everyday worker. In our collection at Batteryjunction.com, you'll find exquisite searchlights with high-lumen outputs and massive throw that are still lightweight and built to be carried comfortably on search and rescue missions. Discover headlamps built for multiday trips, with features like rechargeable batteries and long run times, all at a reasonable price point! Thrunite also makes top-of-the-line weapon lights to customize your build or use on the job. And if you're looking for an Everyday Carry (EDC) to round out your collection, Thrunite has built many compact, lightweight flashlights with high lumen outputs, multiple brightness levels, and long run times for everyday utility.

Batteries to Power Your Devices

We'll also provide you with a collection of proprietary batteries designed specially by Thrunite to power your flashlights. They're designed with high capacities to elicit maximum run times. You'll find a quality battery to match your quality flashlight here in our stock!

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