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ThruNite P60L Style CREE XML LED Flashlight Drop-In Upgrade Engine - 460 Lumens - Single Mode (2.7-9V Input)

ThruNite P60L Style CREE XML LED Flashlight Drop-In Upgrade Engine - 460 Lumens - Single Mode (2.7-9V Input)
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ThruNite P60L Style CREE XML LED Flashlight Drop-In Upgrade Engine - 460 Lumens - Single Mode (2.7-9V Input)
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ThruNite P60 Style 2.7-9V Single Mode XM-L LED Drop-In

Kick your flashlight into high gear with this amazing upgrade from ThruNite. Now you can put CREE's latest XM-L LED in your old flashlight. This unit will drop in most flashlights that accept the common P60 style modules. The outer spring can be removed to help fitting in some flashlights. It's as easy as changing a bulb!

This LED upgrade is available in both a single mode and three mode versions. This is the single mode which is the choice of most tactical users where momentary output is preferred over having multiple levels every time the light is turned on and off. This module has an input voltage range of 2.7V to 9.0V, so it can be run off a variety of power sources.

  • 460 Lumens Out the Front (1.5A Drive Current)
  • 2.7-9 V input voltage (Direct drive under 3.6V)
  • Cree XM-L T6 LED
  • Outer spring is removable for some fitments
  • Aluminum textured/OP reflector with bronze heat sink base
  • Bezel diameter: 26.5mm
  • Copper base diameter: 19mm
  • Height including support spring: 36.7mm
  • Height excluding support spring: 28.8mm
Fits to the following lights: Blackhawk Falcata, Boker B0006, Brinkman Legend, Maxfire (LX models on both), Cabela's XPG (Xenon models), Dereelight CL1H (all Versions), DealExtreme {DX} HF-19, SKUs' ~ 1284, 4226, 14329, 14597, 14902, 15159 (DIY chassis), 15565, 15561 & OEMs, G&P T6, T9, T12, R12, Hellfighter X-4, X-8, Huntlight FT-01PJ, FT-01X SE (Luxeon versions on both), Kaidomain KD Tough, & OEMs, Leupold MX series w/ MX-100 bezel, M812, Mega CREE Q2, Nextorch (various models), Pelican M6 (newer version M6)...Slight modifications needed, PentagonLight X1, Xenon chassis {to be confirmed}, Pila GL2/3/4, Romisen RC-E4, RC-M4, RX-A, Smartfire A-1,T1, Solarforce L2, SF6, SF9, SF12, Spiderfire Q5, R2, X-O3, Superfire C1, see Ultrafire models, Surefire {SF} 3P, 3R, 6, 6P, 6PD, 6PL, 6R, 6Z, 7Z, 9P, 9Z, C2, C3, D2, D3, G2, G2L, G2Z, G3, G3L, GZ2, M2, Z2, Z3, Various Weaponlight models, Tactical Operations Products Stryker (slight modifications necessary), Xenon models, Trustfire T1-Q5, TR-B1/2/3, TR-C1 & 2, TR-Q5, TR-C2, Ultrafire 6P, 9P, 12P, C1, Alpha-C1, L2, WF-501A/B/C/D, WF-502B/C/D, WF-503B, Wolf-Eyes (See dimensions), XLight HA-III Cree Q3 kit, HA-III Cree Q5 XTAR P4

Keywords: P60, P61, P60L, P61L, P90, P91, P90L, P91L, Upgrade
Output Modes:Single Brightness Level
Batteries Included:No
Flashlight Usage:Upgrades
Warranty:Battery Junction 30-Day Warranty
Return Policy:Battery Junction Return Policy
Country of Origin:CN
12 Reviews
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By Darren S
March 8, 2013
Worth the upgrade!
I purchased this drop-in to revive my Surefire G2. I dropped in fresh batteries, and installed the drop-in......it didn\'t work. Thankfully I took the time to do some researching online, I found the G2\'s don\'t ground well with the spring installed on the drop-in. Several people have modified the spring, I actually had a spare from another bulb.....soldered it in place and it works GREAT. This drop-in fits several models, so just beware you might need to modify it slightly to work best for your application.
By Stu
March 7, 2013
great upgrade
Received my upgrade for my 6Z surefire today. What a difference...Basically gave this old light a new lease on life. Followed the advise in the other reviews, clipped the spring, put in the bezel and going to order another one for another surefire. Money well spent !
By KelleyS
September 25, 2012
worth the money
I just recieved my LED and upon installation, i noticed the same issue everyone else has with the lens/cap of the light not seating fully, but i had read the reviews and it didnt come as a surprise. I put this light in my old SureFire 6Z and I am blown away with the light. the performance is top notch, the light has a near perfect throw for almost any application short of being weapon mounted. I will try clipping the 1 coil off of the spring as others to correct the fit. but for the money, this is the best light ive ever owned, i ran it for 3 hours off and on and at times it was on continuusly for 10-15 minutes with out any excessive heat and i was very pleased with the low power ussage out of my tynergy lithium ion rechargable battery. i still do not need to charge them. put a spring with one less coil on it, and its a 5 star light
By ScottS
July 29, 2012
Great Upgrade (once modified)
I bought this to upgrade a SureFire G2. I works incredibly well, even the three modes, once I made a small modification. The larger outer spring will not compress fully around the module, so I had to clip off about one full rotation of the spring. This made it so that there was less to compress and the front cap will now screw all the way closed. I tried taking the outer spring off like others have done, but it didn\'t work in that configuration. Works great now and huge improvement over the single mode, 80 lumen light it was originally. I bought a Fenix LD41 prior to finding this upgrade, so now I feel like I should have done this first.
By ScottS
July 28, 2012
Great upgrade (after modification)
I bought this drop in cree to upgrade an old Surefire G2 80 lumen. It did not fit well at first. You have to wiggle the reflector end a little to make sure it sits flush against the end of the light (glass end), then turn the handle end over to screw it in making sure the new module doesn\'t become unseated. And the biggie --- the large outer spring doesn\'t compress well around the housing so it will not screw all the way down. I cut off the first spiral of the spring (one circle - basically the end of the spring) then it screwed down fine. Now the light works great; bright, white, long throw - perfect and economical upgrade to a great light.
By Chuck
January 30, 2012
Doesn\'t quite fit right
Can\'t get the module to work with my Pelican 2390. Works intermitantly with my G2 Surefire. I think the grounding spring is not touching the metal sleeve inside the light body on the surefire. Bezel wont screw down all the way. Don\'t have a clue why it won\'t work in the Pelican. I won\'t trust it for reliability, I\'ll just use it for fooling around
By Angel
January 8, 2012
I have a number of P6 lights and have tried several Malkoff units with no problems. I even tried the cheaper 225 lumen lamo for 19.95 and also no problems. However, tried as I might I could not get this lamp to work.
By Mauser96
January 7, 2012
Wasted Money
Very bright whenever it flashes for a secod. Have not been able to get my P6 to work with it; with or without the outer spring installed. I give up. I\'ll cut my losses and stick with the Malkoff products. Have 6 and have been 100% perfect.
By Tim
January 3, 2012
Decent...could be alot better
Bought this drop in for my Solarforce L2P host. While this drop in makes a Surefire much brighter, than the factory led, it is not thermally potted for durability or thermal transfer. This is fine if you are handy with a soldering iron, and have Arctic Alumina with the ability to do it yourself. It is also driven at 1.5 amps..which is anemic for this led (2.5 amps would be so much better, and brighter while still well within tolerance) My Olight M20s S2 xpg is just about as bright, and its rated at 340 lumens.
By Chris
January 1, 2012
Almost too bright
I loved my Surefire and ran across this ThruNite upgrade when searching bulb replacements. The jump from mini maglight to the Surefire was big but the jump from the p60 to the ThruNite p60L is outstanding. It lights up my whole back yard
By Andrew
December 14, 2011
Awesome upgrade
I put this in my incandescent Surefire P60. Going from that to this is unexplainable. It\'s blinding. Compared to my Surefire E2DL (200 lumens) it\'s a noticeable difference. The beam on this spreads out really well which is nice because my E2DL is a very concentrated beam. This is well worth the $30. It\'s beyond me who in their right mind would spend $80 on a Surefire LED upgrade.
By Robert
May 31, 2011
Excellent Replacement
These are a great way to bring that old SurFire back to life!
1 Question & 1 Answer
from Los angeles California asked:
April 14, 2014
I have a Pelican M6 3330 flashlight and I was wondering if this would fit without any modifications?
1 Answer
Slight modifications are needed to make this drop-in upgrade work in the Pelican M6.
Customer Service
on April 14, 2014

ThruNite P60L Style CREE XML LED Flashlight Drop-In Upgrade Engine - 460 Lumens - Single Mode (2.7-9V Input)

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