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Titanium Innovations

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About Titanium Innovations

TITANIUM INNOVATIONS produces keychain lights that are affordable and sleek-looking. Available in multiple colors or with an ultraviolet bulb.

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The Best Keychain Flashlights

Kids and adults love Titanium Innovations keychain flashlights because they are just the right size for little hands and full-sized thumbs alike! Complete with a key ring, they are easy to carry every day so you always have an illumination solution on-hand. Purpose-driven, these mini keychain flashlights are so small and lightweight that they prevent gravitational tug on your ignition when paired with car keys.

Custom Logo Keylight

Titanium Innovations’ precision manufacturing can also help elevate your business or next event with custom flashlights for your audience’s keychains. A constant reminder of your valuable relationship, these keylights motivate returning customers and commemorate special days.

Legacy Innovations

You can also find accessories here like chargers and filters for the company’s legacy products, the N30 & L35 spotlights.

Titanium Innovations offers an extended warranty of one year on its lights, plus customer service unmatched by other manufacturers.

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