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TerraLUX / Lightstar Corp. MiniStar2 TLE-5EX MiniStar2 EXTREME LED for Mini Maglite 2AA Flashlights

TerraLUX / Lightstar Corp.  MiniStar2 TLE-5EX MiniStar2 EXTREME LED for Mini Maglite 2AA Flashlights
TerraLUX / Lightstar Corp.  MiniStar2 TLE-5EX MiniStar2 EXTREME LED for Mini Maglite 2AA Flashlights
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TerraLUX / Lightstar Corp.  MiniStar2 TLE-5EX MiniStar2 EXTREME LED for Mini Maglite 2AA Flashlights
TerraLUX / Lightstar Corp.  MiniStar2 TLE-5EX MiniStar2 EXTREME LED for Mini Maglite 2AA Flashlights

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Battery Junction 30 Day Warranty
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The TerraLUX MiniStar2 EXTREME (TLE-5EX) upgrades the Mag Instruments® MiniMaglite 2AA flashlight to true tactical flashlight performance by replacing the incandescent bulb with the brightest and most efficient LED available that provides up to 150 lumens of light. This upgrade is manufactured and distributed by Lightstar Corporation.
INTENSE WHITE BRIGHT LIGHT output comes from the ultra efficient 3 Watt LED which is estimated to output around 150 lumens at the emitter. The LED does not fade when it gets hot, so its light output is stable even after extended run times.

  • FAR Brighter than standard incandescent bulb!
  • 100,000 hour continuous lamp life (10 years)
  • Extends battery life 2 times longer
  • Max 4 hour runtime
  • Retains focusing ability of the MiniMag 2AA
  • Tactical flashlight performance at fraction of the cost
  • TerraLUX PowerPush regulator for non-dimming output.
  • Consistant color and brightness, not dependent on battery life
  • Pure white light.

This item replaces and supersedes the TLE-5K2.
Runtime (Hours):-4---
Compatible Batteries:2 x AA
Batteries Included:No
Flashlight Usage:Upgrades
Brand:LightStar Corp.
Warranty:Battery Junction 30-Day Warranty, Terralux 1 Year Warranty
Return Policy:Battery Junction Return Policy
Country of Origin:CN
62 Reviews
74% (46)
16% (10)
6% (4)
3% (2)
0% (0)
81% Recommend this product (50 of 62 responses)
By Eric
Woodbridge, VA
January 10, 2017
Not Bad
Decently bright, especially compared to the stock incandescent bulb. The beam pattern isn't very concentric, but a little off-centered like stock. Given the limitations of the tiny bezel dimensions, this is worth the sale price to give new life to your old Mini MagLite if you don't like useless things sitting around the house. Good little trinket to give a child. Otherwise, just buy something else entirely like a Surefire Titan or Nitecore TIP.
By Rich
Gwinn, MI
November 7, 2016
I was pleasantly surprised with how this purchase worked out. The increase in brightness was amazing and worth the cost. Installation is easy and fast. I was impressed enough to order another one. Good update for my old MagLites.
ProsBrightness; price; easy installation
ConsNone really.
By Louis Holmes
Brookline, MA
November 24, 2017
Worth the Upgrade
Before upgrading my Mini Maglite I lost the reflector. Instead of throwing away the flashlight I bought the TerraLUX upgrade kit, which includes a better and brighter LED and a reflector. The Mini Maglite still turns on and focuses the beam as before, just a lot brighter.
By Alan
Sacramento, California
July 31, 2017
TerraLUX LED upgrade for Mini Maglite.
Well, the TerraLUX LED upgrade is certainly much brighter than the original bulb that comes with the Mini Maglite!
ProsVery bright and likely more rugged than the original bulb.
ConsSlightly difficult to install. Wire leads are very small and have to be aligned accurately in order to insert the replacement bulb in place of the original bulb. Also LEDs have polarity so the replacement upgrade has to be inserted with the correct polarity, otherwise it will not work.
By Kenneth
St. Louis, MO
June 22, 2017
More than I expected with limitations
The LED upgrade for my MiniMag-Lite was brighter than expected, but disappointed that it does not focus into the small point of light like the original design. The upgrade was very easy to do.
ProsBig increase of the level of brightness and with using an LED, making the batteries last much longer. Very easy to do the upgrade.
ConsNo longer focuses to a narrow beam of light.
By jg
buffalo ny
April 25, 2017
Mini-mag upgrade
works great, exactly as described. easy installation. quick shipping. AAA+++
By Andy
December 28, 2016
New Life to an old Mini Mag Lite
Easy to install and works perfectly. Much brighter and whiter than original bulb.
ProsEasy to install. Gives new life to an old flashlight
By Gary B
Elk River, MN
November 16, 2016
Good update for the Mini Maglite
Significantly increases light output and is easy to install. I had previously purchased a Nite Ize pushbutton tail cap switch, so the combination of both components make the light much more useful
ProsQuick and easy to install, at least doubles the light output
By Michael
Goodyear, AZ
September 27, 2016
TerraLux MiniMag LED Upgrade
Great retrofit, super bright, extends battery life from 2-3 hours to 5-6 hours, great for all your old MiniMag lites laying around the house, have a total of 4, one for each car (wife and daughters), overall excellent product, keeps focus feature of the original MagLite.
ProsMuch brighter than original bulb Lasts almost forever Extends battery life about 2X Easy to install
By Joel
San Francisco
July 19, 2016
Works, but improvements are possible
It is certainly bright! The plastic disk could have been manufactured thinner, which would allow for a deeper parabolic mirror, with better focusing. The beam focus is not as good as it should be. But, this is a minor criticism. All-in-all, this is a great product.
By Denny Weigel
Crestline Ohio
July 15, 2016
Nice Upgrage
This is a very nice upgrade to the Mini-Mag flashlight. Much brighter and still able to focus the light. I think anyone who upgrades from light bulbs to LED using this conversion will be glad they did.
ProsMuch brighter, easy conversion
By Rob R
Bergen Co, NJ
February 27, 2016
Fantastic Upgrade
Much stronger (140 lumens) and whiter light output than the original incandescent bulb (14 lumens). Breathes new life into an older flashlight that I had abandoned for newer, brighter flashlights. Very easy to install. My only issue is it costs almost as much as the original flashlight. I have 2 Mini Maglites. The photos I've attached are of the 2 lights side by side. One light is upgraded and the other is not. In one photo I turned the head from off and stopped as soon as the light turned on for a wide light spread. The other was to get the light to its sharpest focus. In the first case, the LED is much more uniform while the incandescent bulb has obvious light and dark bands. The light spread diameter is about the same but the LED is much whiter and brighter. In the second case, the incandescent bulb and reflector were much more focused with very little light outside the central "hotspot". The LED was again much brighter when focused but there was much more light around the central "hotspot". All-in-all, this is a very good upgrade. Eventually I will upgrade the other light. Just going to wait until I see it on sale again.
ProsEasy to install, Much Brighter,
By il fossile
January 24, 2016
Kinda long!
Almost instant conversion. Excellent performance with the Maglite's highly spoken construction. Makes for a rugged toolbox light.
By Jonathan
Wolfeboro, NH
December 21, 2015
Old mini-mags can now soldier on
I had two mini mag lights that I used as car glove box lights, and one I aim at our outdoor thermometer on winter mornings. This upgrade goosed their output and made them more useful much more useful. I would have hated replacing them.
December 17, 2015
Works perfectly better than advertised
Works perfectly better than advertised. Just ordered more
ProsGood value
By Jim
North Carolina
December 15, 2015
Works great!
Just as advertised.
By Terry
Franklin, Ohio
December 8, 2015
Great Product
Really makes the mini-mag a whole lot brighter! I liked it so much I ordered a second one. Great Price also!
By Fred
Portland, OR
November 28, 2015
awesome value
Bought these to replace old 3-led nite-ize upgrades that disabled the focus function. They work well and focus to quite a tight beam that is much brighter than the leds they replaced. Installation was easy.
ProsBeam can be focused wide to tight. Easy installation.
By Ralph
Chicago, IL
November 27, 2015
A good upgrade for my mini maglight.
Much better light output versus the original bulb. I would have preferred a tighter focus beam at the narrow end of its range, but it is still a big improvement. Would recommend.
Chicago, IL
November 16, 2015
A great upgrade
I am a casual user of flashlights and have been happy with the original Maglite. I have another flashlight with an LED bulb that made the Maglite look weak. So, I bought the LED bulb as an upgrade. It is fantastic. Well worth the money to have the updated flashlight. I hope the claim for longer battery life proves true over time.
By Aretoo25
New Jersey
November 14, 2015
New Lease on Life
The TERRALUX has worked as promised thereby giving new life to 10 year old Mini Maglite.
By Gary
Pacific NW
September 27, 2015
Works as advertised
Installed easily in a Maglite (about 10 years old). 140 lumen rating seems about right based on comparison to an Olight S15 (70 Lumen (med), 280 Lumen (high)). The only possible downside I've noticed is that as you rotate the head to adjust the beam, the location of a focused (spot) beam is only about a 1/2 turn away from where the head becomes completely unscrewed. Not a major issue, but could be improved. Also, when the beam is widened, there's still the dark spot in the middle just like a normal Maglite with a standard bulb.
Pros--Easy install --Much brighter than original bulb
ConsMinor issues - see review
By Ron
September 14, 2015
Great product
This insert converted a seldom used flashlight into a useful tool. Durability is yet to be proven but the amount of light is great.
By John
September 12, 2015
What a difference.
I used to be a great fan of maglites, then LED came about. I gave my big maglites away, and tossed the minis in a drawer. When conversion kits came along, I thought it would be fun to hotrod one of my minis. The TerraLUX MiniStar2 TLE-5EX MiniStar2 EXTREME LED for Mini Maglite 2AA Flashlights came on sale at Battery Junction, and I grabbed one. Hey! This is great! Now I have a mini Maglite that casts a bright, white light to the far side of my yard. I have too many flashlights as it is, and now I have a mini mag that's worth taking the garbage out at night. I hate kicking skunks in the dark.
By Ben
September 6, 2015
Night to Day Difference
Updated a combo of Maglites I had purchased years ago. What a HUGE difference this upgrade makes. Welcome to the 21st century, indeed.
ProsEasy install/upgrade.
By Rich
The High Desert
August 23, 2015
Works as described
Works as described
By Larry G Zeleznik
United States
April 17, 2015
Lighting Technology At It's Best!
Having served in law enforcement and EMS most of my adult life, I can assure you that adequate lighting in emergencies can be lifesaving. This little giant is more than adequate for that purpose. I only wish that this technology had been available when I was on the job. Anyone that claims that the TerraLUX emits a yellowish beam, should schedule an immediate appointment with their opthamologist.
ProsGreat light output. Ease of upgrade. Availability.
By Giulio
March 16, 2015
A life-changer for an incandescent 2AA Mini MagLite
In a LED world, this is the best way to have an incandescent 2AA Mini MagLite survive and with a great output too.
ProsExtremely easy replacement. Very bright. MagLite preserves the focus functions.
ConsNone. All competitors showed lower lumens value.
By Tommy
Southern California
March 14, 2015
Not 140 Lumens
I've owned over one-hundred different flashlights and in my opinion, this drop-in is NOT 140 Lumens. Maybe 100 at best. Is it an upgrade from the OEM incan? Definitely. I don't like the fact the drop-in is so long that you can only get less than one turn of the head before it comes off. For a few dollars more, you can get a Maglite LED 2AA that will be much brighter, but if you want to be able to still use an older incan Minimag, then this will work. Just keep in mind its limitations. The tint on mine was very yellow also.
By Willard Campbell
Deering, NH
February 26, 2015
Bright mini mag
The conversion makes a mini mag a great little light.
ProsVery bright!!
3 Questions & 3 Answers
from West Virginia asked:
May 15, 2015
Does this kit come with the actual bulb?
1 Answer
Yes, the LED is included.
Customer Service
on May 15, 2015

from Bergen County, NJ asked:
July 27, 2014
When using the Led in a MINI MAGNITE, could you estimate the AA battery life for continuous ON operation?
1 Answer
The battery life is roughly two times longer than standard LED.
Customer Service
on July 31, 2014

from Roseburg, OR asked:
May 5, 2014
What is maximum voltage for this unit? Will it work in a unit that uses 2 CR123's [ 8vdc]??
1 Answer
The voltage for the MiniStar2 LED is 3 volts and is intended to be used with Mini Maglites that run on AA batteries and not CR123A batteries.
Customer Service
on May 5, 2014

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