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Top 10 EDC Flashlights

Top Ten EDC LED Flashlights

What you need in an EDC

A great flashlight is essential for a proper every day carry setup. There are many factors to consider when choosing one, including size, brightness, power source and interface. Do you need a light with a wide range of modes? Or maybe something with more self defense capability? Your EDC is a reflection of yourself and your lifestyle, so we've arranged a list for you with relevant information on our very best selection. Take note of the highlighted features and choose the light that suits you best!

How we chose the best

It's hard for us to pick favorites, we love all of our EDCs! However to make this list we took a look at best sellers, value and customer satisfaction and came up with this group of ten as our current stand outs. An every day carry light is a unique and personal choice however, and you may not find exactly what you're looking for here. Take a look at our EDC flashlight category for more options if nothing on this list floats your boat.

Top 10 EDC Flashlight Recommendations:

Olight S1R Turbo

The Olight S1R Turbo brings together an ultra portable size along with top tier LED power comparable to tactical flashlights. This diminutive dynamo offers 900 Lumens of brightness in a body that measures just 2.5 inches! The S1R Turbo also represents one of the best LED flashlight values, including both the battery and charging cable. A great choice for professionals and casual users alike.

Specialty: All Rounder

Style: Ultra Compact

Modes: 5 brightness levels, strobe, SOS

Great for: All Users

Bonus: Included battery and charging cable

Nitecore MH20GT

Equipped with a CREE XP-L HI V3 LED that produces 1000 Lumens, the Nitecore MH20GT is a heavy duty flashlight in an every day carry form. This light runs on either 2 CR123A or a single 18650 and features an easy to use side switch interface. Finding itself at home in campsites and other outdoor ventures, the MH20GT has ultra long range that is great for spotting in all weather conditions.

Specialty: Small size, big power

Style: Pocket sized EDC

Modes: 5 brightness levels, strobe, SOS

Great for: Outdoor Use, Search and Rescue

Bonus: 1187 Foot Beam Distance

Klarus MI7

If you're looking to surprise your friends, the Klarus Mi7 has a shocking secret: 700 Lumens of power in a keychain light! This slim style light has tremendous power for its size, and runs on just a single 14500 Li-ion battery. The light can also run on an alkaline AA in a pinch with reduced brightness. For a personal touch, the Mi7 is available in seven different colors!

Specialty: Slim and Stylish

Style: Keychain Sleeper

Modes: 3 brightness levels, strobe, SOS

Great for: Travel, Every Day

Bonus: Multiple Colors Available

Olight S10R III

A great choice for a gift, or for yourself! The Olight S10R III comes with everything you need to get started including the battery, charging cable and mountable magnetic charging stand. Simply place your depleted light on the stand and it does the work for you, quickly and safely charging the included 16340 battery. If you don't have time to waste, know that the S10R III is always ready for action!

Specialty: Rechargeable

Style: Pocket-Sized EDC

Modes: 5 brightness levels, Strobe

Great for: On the go Lifestyles

Bonus: Included Magnetic Charging Dock

Jetbeam Mini-1 Ti

While not the most powerful light on our list, the Jetbeam Mini-1 Ti produces a respectable 130 Lumens and has the distinction of being one of the smallest lights that we sell! Measuring in at half an inch, this light is perfect for discreet carrying or situations where space is at a premium. The Mini-1 Ti includes a 10180 battery and bead chain that allows it to be worn around the neck.

Specialty: The Smallest

Style: Sub-Compact

Modes: 2 brightness levels

Great for: Easy Carry

Bonus: Solid Titanium Construction

Nitecore Thumb

Some say that the thumb is what separates us from the animals. Well the Nitecore Thumb is certainly a sign of advanced intelligence with its 120 degree flexible head, 85 Lumen output and included internal battery pack! This light is great for users who need a reliable worklight, and comes in 2 variations. The standard version has a red utility mode, and the UV version has an ultraviolet light that is perfect for crime scene work or verifying identification and currency.

Specialty: 120 Degree Flexible Head

Style: Rechargeable Worklight

Modes: 3 brightness levels, Red or UV

Great for: Work, Industrial Environments

Bonus: Red or UV Mode Versions

Fenix UC01

The Fenix UC01 is as straightforward as they come, a compact keychain light with a single side-switch interface. This light can produce 45 Lumens of power and easily attaches to keychains, purses, clothing - whatever you need to stick it to! The UC01 is weather resistant, durable and available at bargain pricing, making it a fantastic gift for the flashaholic in your life.

Specialty: Simple and Reliable

Style: Keychain Light

Modes: 3 brightness levels

Great for: Every Day Use

Bonus: Included Keychain Clip

Jetbeam KO-01

A heavy hitter with 1080 Lumen Output, the Jetbeam KO-01 is a powerful every day carry light. This light is slim, reliable and rechargeable with an included USB cable. Modeled after tactical style flashlights, the KO-01 integrates an easy to use side switch for smooth operation in all situations. With plenty of applications, power and reliability offered at bargain pricing, this light is a customer favorite.

Specialty: No Frills, Bargain Price

Style: Slim EDC

Modes: 4 brightness levels, strobe

Great for: All Purpose

Bonus: Rechargeable - Includes USB Cable

Olight S30R III

Not every light has it all, but the Olight S30R III does! Producing an astonishing 1050 Lumens, this baton style light has power, durability and style. The light comes standard with charging cable, charging dock and a powerful Olight 18650 battery - everything you need to get it running right out of the box. The dock features suction cups that can stick to a desk, cabinet or even the side of a wall! If you need an EDC that can handle anything you throw at it, the S30R III is your best choice.

Specialty: The Whole Package

Style: Baton

Modes: 5 brightness levels, strobe

Great for: Just About Everything!

Bonus: Included Charging Dock and Battery

Nitecore LA10

A uniquely styled light that is perfect for lovers of the great outdoors, the Nitecore LA10 is an EDC camping lantern with 135 Lumen output. This light has a lipstick style twist interface that raises and lowers the diffuser tip, keeping the light ultra compact in storage. The LA10 provides 360 degreee illumination that is great for campsites and outdoor activity. This light is also available in a High CRI Version that is ideal for photography, producing a more natural light for higher color fidelity.

Specialty: 360 Degree Illumination

Style: Camping Light

Modes: 3 brightness levels

Great for: Camping, Outdoors

Bonus: High CRI Version Available