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Top 10 LED Flashlights

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BatteryJunction's Best Flashlights of 2019

When deciding what to include in our Top 10 Flashlights of 2019, we, at BatteryJunction, looked over every single piece of data we could. We took into consideration prices, switch design, runtime, and application, to find the flashlights that are best suited to our customer base. Whether looking for a tactical flashlight, an EDC or looking to spruce up your collection right here is the best place to start. If you're interested in looking at our larger catalog, you can always check out our Flashlight Section for a larger selection of flashlights which can be sorted by brand, type, and price. But, without further ado: here are the Top 10 LED Flashlights of 2019!

Klarus XT21X
Best 21700 Light
The latest tactical powerhouse from Klarus is a natural successor to the XT series throne. The Klarus XT21X is powered by a single 21700 battery and with the CREE XHP70.2 P2 LED can reach an incredible 4000 lumen output while in turbo. Featuring the signature dual tail switch design of its predecessor, this light makes it easy to activate and cycle through modes singlehandedly for quick and easy access. The XT21X has a lockout mode to prevent accidental activation of either switch so the light won't turn on in your pocket or waste battery life unintentionally. The XT21X has a body size that tows the line between a more than capable everyday carry light or a smaller on-duty light.
Olight Seeker 2 Pro
Handheld, Ergonomic Searchlight
Looking for a searchlight you could easily EDC? The Olight Seeker 2 Pro will be the perfect fit, literally. Measuring at a little over 5" and lighter than 7 ounces, this flashlight utilizes a customized silicone handle that will fit nicely into any palm whether bare or with gloves on. With the Seeker 2 Pro you can have a 3200 lumen turbo mode ready and raring to go at a moment's notice with timer and mode memory features or simply set the flashlight to your preferred output mode. The Seeker 2 Pro has the ever popular magnetic tailcap feature which not only allows for magnetic charging but will also provide hands-free lighting anywhere there is a metal object.
Nitecore TUP
Full Size EDC Packed into a Keylight
The Nitecore TUP is the brightest keychain light we've ever seen - clocking in with a 1000 lumen Turbo mode - and is the only one on the market with a multifunctional OLED display. This display offers real-time information about the status of the light, from modes and lumen output, battery charge, and more you're always up-to-date and won't run out of power unexpectedly. This keychain light fits perfectly on a key ring and provides the same amount of illumination as other full-sized EDC or tactical lights, but at a quarter of the size. The downgrade in size saves space in your pockets without sacrificing the features of a full-sized light. The Nitecore TUP is available in two different colors: High-Tec Black or Metallic Gray, allowing for ultimate customization of your keyring or EDC setup.
Easy to Control UI
In terms of quick and easy access to all modes, the JETBeam JET RRT-01 has it all. With a rotary switch system in place it is easy to access high, low, and strobe modes with a simple twist of the wrist. No need to memorize complicated button patterns or dual-switch interfaces, the JET RRT-01 does it all for you through the rotary switch with little effort required from you. This system allows for easy one-handed operation, leaving your other hand free to go about accomplishing the task in front of you. Utilizing a single 16340 rechargeable cell, this tiny, reliable EDC light can shine up to 220 meters and reach up to 950 lumens for maximum coverage of any area - perfect for everyday applications or for hikers, campers, and general EDC enthusiasts.
RovyVon A8
Best Keylight
The A8 is the latest keylight in the impeccable Aurora series from RovyVon. Keeping the features that make the Aurora series a must-have on anyone's keyring, the A8 has added side lights to enhance the EDC experience. Choose from either Amber, Red, and Blue LEDs or UV, Red, and White LEDs for secondary illumination that can notify others of an emergency, offers soft, warm lighting, or can serve as a companion for identifying hidden spills and messes. The 90CRI LED on the A8 gives off a warmer tint for true-to-life color that won't wash out. Want a keylight that will exceed any expectations you have? The RovyVon A8 will easily rise to the challenge.
Olight S1R II Baton
Most Compact EDC
The Olight S1R II Baton is part of the next generation of Olight flashlights and is consistently considered one of the best EDC lights by our customers. As the successor to the bestselling S1R, the S1R II retains the body design that made the initial highly compact EDC successful, but adds deep squared textured milling that provides a sturdy grip even with the extremely small size of the flashlight. With the use of a TIR lens, this popular EDC light emits a focused beam that can reach up to 450 feet away - an impressive feat for a flashlight that is less than 3" long. Another neat feature of the S1R II is its ability to provide hands-free lighting thanks to the magnetic tail cap. Simply attach to any magnetic surface and you're in business.
Fenix E16
EDC Daydream
A tiny light that can still produce ample amounts of lumens combines to create an EDC daydream. The Fenix E16 is the perfect byproduct of that storm. Balanced through a thin coated, smooth reflector, the E16 has a clear, stable beam that can reach up to 700 lumens thanks to the CREE XP-L HI LED embedded in the center. One of the best features of the Fenix E16 is its magnetic tail cap which grants this flashlight the ability to provide hands-free lighting when attached to any magnetic surface. The E16's compact size makes it the perfect EDC companion; easily clip it to your belt, backpack, or carry it in your pocket.
Acebeam X70
Highest Lumen Outputs in our Catalog
When it comes to high lumen outputs, nothing beats the Acebeam X70. With an unreal 60000 lumen output, this searchlight is a true search and rescue monster. Unlike other DIY flashlights that claim 100000 lumens, the X70 is ANSI rated for 60000 lumens meaning that it meets industry standards and performance for a true representation of the lumen output as opposed to an estimated one. Using 13 LEDs focused through individual reflectors, this searchlight can reach up to 3700 feet making it the ideal flashlight for super long-range spotting from cars, helicopters, and more. Moderately sized for a searchlight, it is possible to carry the X70 in your hand, strapped to you via the included shoulder strap, or attach the handle with embedded cooling fan for an easier hold and longer runtimes for endless use.
Klarus XT11X
Customer Favorite Tactical
The XT11X was bound to be on this list one way or another. How can you resist the revolutionary tactical features of this flashlight? With the signature dual switch system from Klarus which allows for singlehanded operation, the XT11X is one of the most sought-after tactical flashlights. Add to this the impressive 3200 lumen turbo modes that lasts for 45 minutes and this tactical dream is destined to be in your collection somewhere. The XT11X has a multi-color LED indictator built into the light for instant confirmation of battery status when charging up before the day ahead. The tactical prowess of the XT11X is only bolstered by the addition of one-touch access to strobe for instantly stunning and disorienting intruders or other unwanted individuals.
Nitecore P12
Staff Favorite Tactical Light
The Nitecore P12 is definitely contender for favorite tactical amongst the BatteryJunction staff. It's easy to see why too. Despite being an older flashlight model, the P12 specifically brings together elements that make it work as not only a tactical tool, but an EDC accessory as well. Measuring at less than 6", this flashlight has the perfect combination of runtimes and step downs between modes. With a 1000 lumen high mode that can last for over an hour paired with a medium mode of 240 lumens that can last for 6 hours makes the Nitecore P12 a beast for on-duty or off-duty life. Plus, with the help of tactical dual switch system, it is easy to operate this flashlight singlehandedly - no wonder it's highly regarded by our staff!
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