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Ultimate Survival Technologies ParaTinder 30' - Orange/Blue

cord tied up broadside shot
burning frayed paratinder end
package shot
package shot
cord tied up broadside shot
burning frayed paratinder end
package shot
package shot
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  • 30 feet of survival gear packed in a single thin cord
  • Core red fireline designed to set and fuel fires
  • Interior white threads can be deployed for fishing, sewing, and suturing
  • Use paracord to make common items like shoelaces and bracelets that keep you prepared
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Ultimate Survival Technologies 30' Hank of ParaTinder Cord - Orange & Blue

A Multipurpose Arsenal of Durable Braided Fibers

The UST commitment to ultra-efficient survival tools continues with ParaTinder, a heavy duty braided cord design that provides a life-saving flammable fiber surrounded by durable multipurpose lines which keep you ready for anything. Just cut a ParaTinder cord and fray the ends to reveal the red fire-starting interior thread and 7 additional threads that can be removed and are widely applicable. Tough enough to be a fishing line and pull in a catch, ParaTinder's white thread lines are also perfect for repairing ripped fabrics or to sew sutures and stitches in an emergency.

30 Feet of Durable Lightweight Utility Cord

This product constitutes 30 feet of ParaTinder paracord expertly tied into a compact storable hank with the light weight of a tennis ball. Integrate the cord into your whole loadout by fashioning zipper pulls, bracelets, and other unobtrusive accessories so you have ParaTinder wherever you go.

  • Notable Features
  • » 30 feet of heavy duty 550 paracord can save lives, especially during falls and crew overboard incidents
  • » Core red line is designed for a hot, slow burn so you don't burn through your tinder supply too quickly
  • » 7 interior white removable threads can sew stitches and sutures on wounds, repairs on tents and clothing, and more
  • » A highly versatile paracord is a rope with a fire-starting fiber line and built-in tools for emergency food gathering and first aid, ParaTinder is designed to be improvised with

Ultimate Survival Technologies ParaTinder 30' - Orange/Blue

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