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Ultimate Survival Technologies Mag Bar Fire Starter

magbar on-chain
magbar on-chain
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  • Oxidized magnesium metal bar provides hundreds of fires worth of flammable metal shavings
  • Flint edge integrated into MagBar enables fast, intuitive fire striking
  • Metal blade with straight striking edge and serrated metal-shaving edge
  • Keychain keeps magnesium bar and blade together while increasing portability
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Ultimate Survival Technologies Mag Bar Fire Starter

Magnesium Metal Fuel Technology

The UST Mag Bar Fire Starter is a magnesium metal bar paired with a blade to gather shavings in a pile and then light them with sparks from the flint edge embedded in the magnesium block. Magnesium metal is flammable, burning hotter and longer than wood tinder, and providing a flame to build a larger fire or generate light. The surface of the bar is oxidized so the magnesium is not flammable until you carve out metal shavings, piercing the oxidation layer and exposing flammable metal.

Self-Sustained Fire Starting Tool

An entire fire in a compact metal block, providing fuel, flint, and a sparking blade in a 3" magnesium bar. Carry this on your next camping trip as a fuel-free survival tool, or keep it handy for emergencies by securing it to a keychain.

  • Notable Features
  • » Serrated shaving edge to gather magnesium metal shavings that burn at a high temperature to start and fuel fires
  • » Magnesium bar with coating prevents metal from becoming flammable until metal is shaven off
  • » Non-serrated striking edge is used to create sparks when dragged against the flint
  • » Flint embedded in magnesium bar used to set magnesium shavings alight
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Ultimate Survival Technologies Mag Bar Fire Starter

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