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Ultimate Survival Technologies Stoke Kit

standing with accessories
standing with accessories
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  • Micro sparkwheel fire starter with 3 replacement flints enables you to start a fire
  • 2 Light-me tinder pieces set alight with sparks and work even in wet conditions
  • O-ring sealed 3" aluminum case keeps the kit dry for its intended use
  • Carabiner clip allows kit case to be easily carried for deployment when needed
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Ultimate Survival Technologies Stoke Kit

Flint Sparking Wheel and Fine Fiber Tinder

The UST Stoke Kit includes the micro sparkwheel fire starter which generates sparks when the wheel is spun, and two pieces of Light-me tinder, small fiber rolls which ignite when exposed to sparks from the fire starter.

The 3-inch anodized aluminum container keeps fire starting implements dry and at their most effective. A threaded cap screws tightly onto an O-ring weather seal that rejects water and makes the cap easier to take on and off. An attached carabiner clip allows the Stoke Kit to be carried on packs or with other supplies, taking advantage of the mobility of the kit's compact size.

  • Notable Features
  • » Weather protection provided by an O-ring on the threads of the base case 1.0 so you can keep the stoke kit dry even in a rainstorm
  • » Sparking wheel functions like the wheel of a lighter, with the added benefit of striking sparks to get a flame started completely fuel-free
  • » 2 rolls of fiber treated for enhanced flammability that will light when exposed to the sparks generated by the micro sparkwheel or other fire starting implements
  • » Comprehensive self-sustaining fire starting kit carried in a rugged, compact aluminum capsule resisting environmental exposure
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Ultimate Survival Technologies Stoke Kit

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