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Ultimate Survival Technologies TekFire Charge Lighter

standing lighter plugged in
standing lighter plugged in
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  • Lights fire with electrical charge completely unaffected by wind
  • Built-in lithium-ion battery rechargeable using USB port on lighter
  • Cylindrical form factor provides easy gripping and storage in packs and pockets alike
  • Fuel-free with no exposure to toxic butane gas
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Ultimate Survival Technologies TekFire Charge Lighter

Rechargeable Electronic Lighter

The UST TekFire Charge Lighter lights fires with an electrical charge between two electrodes and contains a USB-rechargeable 3000mAh li-ion battery so it can be used with minimal recharge breaks, outlasting the service life of multiple average butane lighters. Recharging takes only 3 hours and battery level is shown by four blue indicator lights that display when the lighter is plugged in. In a pinch, you can charge your other devices by simply plugging them into your electronic lighter!

Button Strike Action — Stormproof

Lights with the press of a button, so firing on the first press is exceptionally common to TekFire lighters. Flameless firing cannot be disrupted or cut out by winds as a lighter can, and since this electronic lighter requires no altitude adjustments, this proves to be a reliable tool for climbers to have in their gear set.

  • Notable Features
  • » Able to function as a power bank and charge other devices in emergencies
  • » Button activated strike works better than typical lighter thumb wheel ignition action
  • » Fast-charging turnaround, charging from 0 to 100 percent in just 3 hours
  • » 3' of tight-wound ParaTinder fire starting utility paracord provided as lanyard

Ultimate Survival Technologies TekFire Charge Lighter

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