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Vanson V-1199 Universal Battery Charger + 4C Size + 4D Size Cells

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8 high quality Ni-MH batteries are included (4 C 5000 mAh and 4 D 10 000 mAh) and ready for every application.

Charger Features:
  • Recharges 1 to 4 pieces of AAA, AA, C and D Ni-MH
  • Standard charge for 1 or 2pcs 9V cells
  • Recharges batteries in single or group
  • Automatic charging current selection for different sizes of batteries
  • Built-in IC timer control for overcharge protection
  • LED lamp to indicate proper charging
  • Fast charging in the specified period with automatic switch to trickle charge

Battery Features:
  • High quality C size and D size high capacity nickel hydride metal (Ni-MH) rechargeable batteries
  • Super long running time with this high capacity: C 5000 mAh and D 10000 mAh
  • Economic package provides huge saving
  • Very long life time and can be recharged up to 1000 times.
  • Can provide over $1000 savings over the life time of this rechargeable batteries by eliminating the need to buy hundreds of C/D -size Alkaline batteries which cost $4.49 a pair.
  • Convenient operation due to that advantage that Ni-MH batteries have no memory effect. Can be charged anytime
  • Can be rapidly charged with smart chargers and universal chargers
  • Battery tested based on International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) standard to ensure capacity, quality and life time
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By Arthur K.
New York
good hardwear
March 20, 2017
not used yet but expect good results
By svetter
Nashville, TN
Works excellent for NiMH
January 10, 2016
This charger works very well with NiMH batteries. I have many Rayovac and a few Energizer NiMH AA and AAA battiers. The Rayovac wall charge would cause the batteries to get very hot. That charger then smoked and burnt up. Got this Vanson V-1199B unit. The NiMH batteries charge to full capacity and are not warm either. I was surprised to find a NiMH 9V to charge. This charger worked very good. Personally, I would rate this charger as being semi-smart. It has more engineered smarts placed into it than those cheap dumb chargers. And yes, my radio actually works along side of this charger without and interference like the smart chargers do using the sine-wave technology. I did charge a few of those no-name NiCd solar light batteries. The charger did alright with them, but those batteries have very low capacity to begin with.
  • Excellent for NimH charging
  • Batteries will remain slight warm, not warm nor hot when charging
  • Handles AA, AAA, C, D & 9V
  • 4-hrs and 8-hrs charging so as not to over-heat the batteries
  • Quality materials and construction, strong and durable
  • Will charge those cheap no-name branded NiCd solar light batteries
  • No clear cover with vented slots to keep debris and dust out
By Ray M.
Not too smart
April 8, 2015
It is a timed charge and not "smart". It puts out less RF interference than smart chargers. I would recommend it!
  • No RF interference.
  • Timed charge only (short or long).
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