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Video Game Batteries

Video Game Replacement Batteries

Controllers and Console Replacements

Nothing is more infuriating than kicking some butt and taking names while gaming - just to have your Xbox One Battery Pack die on you! Or when you're flying down Rainbow Road and your Wii controller decides to shut off. Finding batteries to replace your old power source can be a real challenge. There are so many types, sizes, voltages, rechargeable and non-rechargeable, and other options. Now we have done the work for you! With just a click of the button you can view all the battery options for several types of consoles and controllers. Save time and energy by easily finding reliable replacement batteries for the following video game brands: X-Box, Nintendo, Retro Gaming Systems, and LeapFrog.

Retro Gaming

On top of all the popular game consoles such as: Xbox, Wii, and others, "Retro Gaming" is making a strong comeback. Many of you remember the good old days when video games were just being introduced to the world. NES, SEGA, GameCube - these were the new hot thing and they are making a comeback. However, due to the swift reboot of these consoles finding replacement video game controller batteries can be a challenge. One type of battery in particular that is difficult to come by is the CR2032 button cells needed for your SEGA Dreamcast! We carry some of the best 2032 brands like the SONY CR2032. Additionally, we offer a huge variety of rechargeable AA batteries and AAA batteries.

Convenience, and with effortless searching, we want you to be able to find the video game battery replacements you need so you can get back to your game as fast as possible. Nothing is worse than finally getting a second to enjoy a game - just to have your hopes of defeating Bowser postponed due to a few dead batteries!