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Watch, Calculator Batteries Coin Cells 301 to 399 Silver Oxide

Replacement batteries for watches and calculators can be a tough find and a popular commodity. Depending on the specifications of the device whose battery is being replaced, there will be a specially sized button battery to power it up. At BatteryJunction we have collected a sampling of the most popularly sized coin cells that are composed of silver oxide for watches and calculators. The benefits to using a silver oxide composition over others is that silver oxide composed button cells traditionally have more stable output voltages over the course of the cell's service life and also have low self-discharge which are ideal for continuous use devices such as watches or calculators. At BatteryJunction we have a diverse selection of brands that are trusted around the globe, such as Energizer and Sony. Not to mention, that BatteryJunction also offers everyday low prices and the choice to purchase your batteries at an individual rate or to save money by buying these coin cells in discounted bulk quantities.

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