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West Mountain Radio CBA IV - Computerized Battery Tester

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West Mountain Radio CBA IV

The Ultimate Battery Analyzer

The West Mountain Radio CBA IV is the best way to scientifically analyze the performance and specifications of a battery. Using powerful proprietary software the CBA IV offers constant current battery capacity tests and provides visual charts for examination. The discharge current of the battery can be regulated via the software so that various levels can be tested with the same device. The CBA IV is capable of testing a wide variety of batteries, ranging from button cells to automotive batteries. The included software has presets for common types such as NiCd, NiMh, Lead Acid, Li-Ion, Li-Poly, Alkaline, Carbon Zinc and Mercury. New the CBA series of analyzers is the ability to profile solar sells with performance readouts like the ones provided for batteries. Another new feature is the ability to test even smaller batteries, down to as low as 10 mA.

Safety Features

Testing batteries by putting them under an electronic load is serious business, and the CBA IV is designed with a contingency plan for any possible point of failure. The unit has built in fail safes that protects against anomalous temperature, current or power fluctuations. In the event of a computer crash the device will automatically shut down to prevent cell failure. Discharge rates can be set between 0 to 40 amps, so users can specify the exact rate at which the battery discharges to match the specifications of their battery and test. The unit will automatically shut off at the end of tests based on either software recommendations or selected discharge voltage. The unit will also automatically shut off in the even of unexpected temperature variation with the use of an optional magnetic temperature sensor.

Easy To Use

While such a sensitive device might seem daunting to use, the CBA IV software is designed for ease of use so that even casual users can easily test their batteries safely and accurately. Battery cell chemistry, number of cells and the current testing current can all be set manually and the software will recommend appropriate tests based on the provided information. The software will set up graphs for all of the tested statistics including voltage, current, amp hours, watts and temperature (with the use of optional temperature probe). Test results can be saved to a computer or printed out for further review or professional displays.

  • One Model For All Testing Ranges
  • High Performance Micro Controller
  • USB Powered
  • CBA Internal Over Temperature Sensing And Protection
  • Graph Printing On Any Standard Color Or B&W Printer
  • Battery Test Label Printing
  • Specifications
    • Maximum continuous discharge rate: 100 watts
    • Maximum limited term discharge rate with < 3500 ma-hour battery: 125 watts
    • Maximum limited term discharge rate with < 1000 ma-hour battery: 150 watts
    • 0-3 amp accuracy: typically better than + - 10 ma
    • 3-40 amp accuracy: typically better than + - 45 ma
    • 0-5 volt accuracy: typically better than + - .005 volts
    • 5-15 volt accuracy: typically better than + - .01 volts
    • 10-60 volt accuracy: typically better than + - .05 volts
    • Maximum operating voltage: 55 Volts (48 Volt Lead Acid Telecom supported)
    • Maximum discharge rate: 40 amps (Battery dependent, 100 watt continuous)
    • Minimum discharge voltage to maintain 30 amps .9Volts (Battery dependent)
    • Minimum Voltage for a 40 amp discharge: 2 volts at completion of test (Battery dependent)
    • Minimum discharge rate: 0.01 Amps
    • Residual current drain, battery connected while not in use: < .003 amps @ 12 volts
    • Dimensions: 3.5" H x 2.8" W x 3.6" D
    • Weight: 16 oz
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West Mountain Radio CBA IV - Computerized Battery Tester

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