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Coin Cells, also known as Button Batteries or Button Cells, are an ideal battery to power small electronic devices because of their high capacity and varying compositions. We provide a variety of chemistries for button cells from silver oxide, alkaline, and zinc air – each of them provide their own positives when powering your devices. Silver oxide coin cells have a very stable output voltage, while Zinc Air coin cells use air as the depolarizer and have very high capacities.

Button Cells are ideal for many common applications, like laser pointers, wrist watches, hearing aids, glucometers, heart-rate monitors, and much more. These common household items require a battery that will provide power while not sacrificing service life. So whether you need a rechargeable coin cell or a disposable one, or a silver oxide versus a zinc air button battery, there are choices for every device.

Whatever your need, BatteryJunction has the coin cells that you’re looking for. We have a variety of sizes for you to choose from as well as choices between non-rechargeable and rechargeable button cells. We have varying chemistries, voltages, and capacities to fit whatever device you have. Whether you need a replacement for your hearing aid, wrist watch, or glucometer, there is a coin cell for you at BatteryJunction.