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Shop by Different Types of Battery

What types of battery will suit your needs? Here at, we understand that batteries are used in a wide variety of devices, by a diverse number of people whose needs and shopping styles vary dramatically. For this reason, we've organized our selection into an assortment of different types, such as primary, rechargeable, and even those with wholesale packaging options. Primary batteries, for example, are often times the preferred choice for military professionals, as they typically are not in range of an electrical outlet to re-charge their batteries. We offer a variety of battery sizes and chemistries to suit the diverse power needs of our military and professional community. Residential end-users, on the other hand, may prefer to stock their home with rechargeable batteries as they ultimately last longer and they create less waste.

Know the Electronic, But Not the Battery?

Need to replace the batteries in your watch? Gun safe? Home security system? In addition to organizing by different types of battery and accessories, we also provide you with a shop by application option, which gives you the ability to shop for replacement batteries by the actual consumer electronic Finally and as always, feel free to browse our entire selection of batteries by size, chemistry, voltage, and brand.

Do you have questions about the different battery types? Please do not hesitate to contact our battery experts by phone at 860-767-8888 or even through our live chat function, both of which are available weekdays between 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM EST. is more than just a retailer of batteries. We want to help you find the right power source for your individual needs, so that your electronic devices perform at the best.

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