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14500 battery size compared to an AA battery

The size of a 14500 battery compared against a common AA (double-A).


Length 49.2 - 50.5 mm
Diameter 13.5 - 14.5 mm


Voltage 3.6, 3.7V
Chemistry Li-ion
Capacity 600 – 1600mAh
Rechargeable Yes

Replacement Sizes

14500, AA, Lithium-Ion AA

What are 14500 Batteries?

The 14500 battery is a cylindrical li-ion cell classified by its roughly 49.2mm length and 13.5mm diameter, and is the rechargeable version of an AA battery. They usually have a 3.6V or 3.7V voltage, button-top terminal, and most use a LiCoO2 (lithium carbon-oxide) ICR chemistry. While some come with built-in USB charging ports, most 14500 batteries are rechargeable in li-ion smart chargers. 14500 cells are often used in flashlights, and are an economic and environmentally friendly alternative to disposable AA batteries in compatible devices. Learn more about 14500 batteries here.

Is a 14500 battery the same as an AA battery?

No. While 14500 and AA batteries share the same general dimensions, they have distinctly different voltages due to their chemistries. 14500 cells may also have built in PTC or other protection systems, which can slightly increase their overall length.

Primary AA batteries usually that use alkaline, lithium, or zinc-chloride chemistries have a 1.5V nominal voltage, while rechargeable AAs using NiMH or NiCd chemistries have a 1.2V nominal voltage.

14500 batteries use lithium-ion chemistry and have a 3.6/3.7V nominal voltage, and are rechargeable. Due to their higher voltage, they are not always a suitable replacement for AAs. Check your device's user manual for battery compatibility.

Do 14500 batteries expire?

Yes, all batteries eventually expire. 16340 batteries have a range of shelf lives between 3 and 10 years, and offer around 500 charge cycles. Your charging habits, device operating temperature, and storage conditions can prolong or shorten a battery's lifespan. We list the rated shelf life on all our product listings when available so you can make an informed choice when buying spares or bulk cells. For more information, check out our battery expiration guide!

Do you offer bulk-pricing on 14500 batteries?

Yes! A large selection of our batteries can be bought in bulk, letting you take advantage of huge discounts! You can filter our selection of 14500 batteries by bulk-eligibility, fill out a wholesale request form, or directly contact a member of our sales team now via phone or email!

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