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    BatteryJunction.com is your #1 source for in-stock batteries. Whether you are looking for just a few batteries to power your home appliances, or for a few thousand to power the electronics within your business, BatteryJunction.com has it all! But why should you buy batteries online? Sure, it may be easier for you to run out and pick up the necessary batteries at your local convenience store, but by doing this, you may not be saving the most amount of money. Buying batteries online is also more convenient as it gives you the flexibility to shop for the exact size you need. No more having to bring that dead battery to the store with you. No more taking the risk of purchasing the wrong size at the store because you cannot remember. All of our product pages on BatteryJunction.com are clearly marked to help you find the exact size you need. When you buy batteries online with us, you can feel confident that you are getting the best prices, the best selection, and the best product.

    Affordable Prices

    When you shop for batteries in your local brick-and-mortar store, you are paying retail prices. On the contrary, when you buy batteries online you can find the best prices possible. In many cases too, the more you buy, the better the price. Additionally, many of our batteries qualify for free shipping when you spend over $50. Not only will you be receiving the best price possible for these batteries, but you won't have to pay for shipping if you meet the $50 threshold. Need to add a few products to your cart to get over that marker? Might we interest you in a flashlight or two? If you want to look at it with a broader perspective, you will also be saving the gas money needed to drive to the local store! Pair that with the amount of time, and stress saved by shopping online and that's an all-around savings!

    Broad Selection

    BatteryJunction.com offers one of the most diverse selections of batteries online. From standard AA and AAA alkaline cells, to custom packs for your laptops and two-way radios, we have something for almost every portable electronic. We are also continuously expanding our inventory to satisfy the growing needs of our customers. The world is becoming more technologically advanced and more portable - both of which increase the demand for long-lasting and reliable power sources. BatteryJunction.com is constantly researching and testing different batteries to find the best solutions for your individual needs.

    In addition to a diverse inventory of products, we also offer different packaging options. From everyday retail carded packages to bulk, no-fuss cases, we offer our popular brands and sizes in an assortment of packaging solutions. Need to supply your employees with an easy way to organize a lot of batteries? Why not check out the Contractor Packs available from Duracell? These batteries are sold in larger boxes but feature smaller internal boxes for effortless organization. Are you looking to incorporate batteries into your products' manufacturing process? We also offer large bulk trays and cases of batteries for those who require a minimal amount of packaging materials. Whatever your packaging needs, BatteryJunction.com will have a solution for you. Don't see what you need? Feel free to contact our customer service team, who can help you find the right solution for your needs.

    Freshness Guaranteed

    BatteryJunction.com is a stocking distributor of batteries. This means that we keep a warehouse full of batteries so that we can offer you speedy shipping. We understand when you buy batteries online, you typically need them right away. For this reason, we keep an extensive amount of inventory in stock at all times. What sets us apart from the competition is that we understand our customers and their buying needs. We do not keep batteries on the shelves for long, but yet we able to reliably maintain our inventory levels. In other words, we've done the math and are able to calculate just how many stock we will need to keep to satisfy our customers' needs. When you shop for batteries online with BatteryJunction.com you can feel confident that you will be receiving quality product that has not been sitting on the shelf for years.