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Rayovac Batteries

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Rayovac is one of the longest (still running) battery companies in the world. Rayovac was started in 1906 in Wisconsin, where their headquarters are still located to this day. Dedicated to providing a quality, trustworthy product at an affordable price, Rayovac offers a wide range of portable power solutions from more standard AA/AAA sizes, to some of the best hearing aid batteries in the world. Pick up a 48 pack of AA Ultra Pro Alkaline batteries today and don't think about buying AAs again for months! Sure beats buying Rayovac batteries at Walmart, doesn't it? Rayovac batteries can be organized into four different groupings: everyday household, hearing aid, specialty, and rechargeable. Each type has its own purpose, which we will explain further below.

Everyday Household Batteries

Everyday household batteries are those that are designed for use in everyday electronics, such as TV remotes. Within this grouping are three prominent series: Fusion, High Energy, and Zinc Carbon. Each of these Rayovac batteries series is designated for certain electronic devices.


Rayovac Fusion batteries offer a higher energy density to satisfy the needs of power-hungry devices, such as video game controllers, remote-controlled vehicles, high-tech toys, and headphones. These single-use cells offer more power and more consistent performance, which is perfect for today's youth. The 12-year shelf life also allows for long-term storage, if desired. These advanced alkaline batteries are Rayovac's longest lasting alkaline power source.

High Energy

The High Energy collection of alkaline batteries combine reliable performance with low, low pricing. These Rayovac batteries can be used with high-use devices, such as flashlights and high-tech toys, and will maintain steady power throughout their usage. These single-use batteries offer an impressive 10-year shelf life for reliable backup capabilities. The High Energy collection of alkaline batteries fits most budgets with ease.

Heavy Duty

Zinc Carbon Rayovac Batteries are designed for low-drain electronic devices, such as clocks and radios. These dry cell primary batteries are also single-use, non-rechargeable cells; however, they are the cheapest of the three options. Please note that these zinc carbon batteries are sensitive to extreme temperatures. For best results, we recommend using these Rayovac batteries in devices that require only a small charge, over longer periods of time.

Hearing Aid

The latest release of Rayovac Hearing Aid Batteries are the longest-lasting yet. These Zinc Air batteries have been equipped with new Active Core Technology, which has improved long-term performance within power-hungry hearing devices. In fact, these cells have been tested to last up to two days longer than the previous formula. In addition to the new-and-improved chemistry, these hearing aid batteries feature an easier-to-use packaging, which offers a simple spin dial and longer battery tabs. Finally, these Rayovac batteries offer a four-year shelf life for reliable long-term storage, as well as the satisfaction of being manufactured right here in the USA.

Specialty Batteries

Rayovac's collection of specialty batteries includes coin cell, lantern, and lithium non-rechargeable cells. These single-use batteries each have their own unique purpose and design; however, they all meet the company's criteria for long-lasting and reliable power. In fact, Rayovac Lithium batteries offer an impressive ten-year shelf life and can withstand extreme temperatures, ranging from 140° to -40°F. Everyday devices, such as watches, garage door openers, medical devices, and smoke detectors, can safely run on Rayovac's line of specialty batteries.

Rechargeable Batteries

Rechargeable batteries from Rayovac are available in a couple of formulas: Rechargeable and Rechargeable Plus. Rayovac Rechargeable batteries are designed for use in high-use devices. These NiMH batteries last twice as long as alkaline cells and help users maintain a lower level of waste creation. The ready-to-use batteries provide company's highest cycle rate of 1500 times, which is truly making any investment in rechargeable NiMH cells worth the price. Rayovac Rechargeable Plus batteries feature a longer capacity and last up to four times longer than alkaline cells. These NiMH cells are also ready-to-use right out of the packaging and are the perfect solution for powering high-drain devices such as cameras and remote-controlled vehicles.

Rayovac Batteries for Every Device

As you can see, Rayovac offers a battery formula for every need and for every device. Whether powering a remote control, a smoke alarm, or even your hearing aids, you can feel secure in knowing your Rayovac batteries are designed specifically for the task. In addition to single-use and rechargeable batteries, Rayovac also offers a diverse selection of flashlights and portable power products. Please feel free to browse through the entire selection to find the right illumination and powering tools for your needs.