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Fitorch P50 Little Monster USB-C Rechargeable LED Searchlight - 10000 Lumens - Includes 1 x 32650 - Black or White

Brand: Fitorch
Brand: Fitorch
  • P50 Little Monster - 4.5in. bright searchlight built for portability & practicality
  • 10,000-lumen output and 450m throw ideal for search and rescue
  • RGB color and Warm White output for work, hunting, and photography
  • USB-C rechargeable li-ion battery with hours of runtime outdoors
  • Doubles as a power bank to charge essential electronics on the go

Fitorch P50 LED Searchlight

10,000-Lumen Turbo

If you're looking for a compact and bright searchlight, look no further than the Fitorch P50! The P50 outputs a maximum of 10,000 lumens with a 450-meter throw, bright and far-reaching light that is essential for search and rescue missions or outdoor enthusiasts. From Eco to Turbo modes, switch brightness modes via the side switch for seamless operation every time. Switch to Strobe and SOS modes for optimal signaling capability to make your position known on search missions.

RGB Output - Warm and Cool White

This searchlight has a plethora of lighting options available, including red, green, and blue color output. Red light helps with reducing ocular strain at night, improving map reading, and maintaining natural night vision. Green and blue lighting won't startle deer, birds, or fish while hunting or fishing at night. The warm white output provides a different light quality that can be essential at work, an addition electricians and photographers alike can appreciate. The P50's multi-output options unlock new possibilities that take the searchlight to another level. Use this at work, while hunting, or for photography!

USB-C Recharging - Power Bank Function

Running on the included lithium-ion 32650 battery, the light is equipped with a 6500mAh capacity to retain abundant power for the long runtimes needed on your search operation. The light has in-body USB-C recharging capability reducing charge time and keeping it simple. Thanks to a USB-C connection, the P50 can recharge fully in just three hours so bright illumination is never too far away. Charge up in a flash and get back outdoors to search again.

If you're away from a power source and need to charge up essential electronics, the P50 also doubles as a power bank! Simply connect via USB-C to charge necessary equipment, such as smartphones, tablets, or other flashlights.

Turbo High Medium Low Eco Strobe SOS
Brightness 10,000lumens 2,700lumens 1,000lumens 500lumens 100lumens 10,000lumens 1,000lumens
Runtime 3.25hours 3.42hours 4.3hours 8hours 21.7hours - -
Distance 450meters - - - - - -
Intensity 58,600candela - - - - - -
Note: Turbo and High modes are measured in total runtime - this includes step-down outputs.
  • Notable Features
  • » 4.5-inch length and lanyard to carry around outdoors with no hassle
  • » IP68 waterproof rating protects from sudden rainstorms!
  • » 1-meter drop resistance guards from accidents outdoors
  • » Automatic locking function after one minute prevents unwanted brightness
  • » LED power indicator lets you know when to charge up again
  • » 1/4" Camera Tripod design for photography capability
  • » Purpose-driven for search and rescue operation
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