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Best Spelunking and Caving Headlamps and Flashlights

Nitecore HC70 on a white background

Nitecore HC70

Designed specifically for caving you have 1000 Lumens of visibility available.

Fenix FD45 on a white background

Fenix FD45

The light beam is focusable so you will be able to see close up or far away.

Fenix HL15 headlamp on a white background

Fenix HL15

Uses Red LEDs to preserve night vision and features a 75-hour max runtime.

Nitecore SmartRing flashlight on a white background

Nitecore SmartRing SRT7GT

With a 240-hour runtime you will not get stuck in the dark.

PowerTac Thunderbolt on a white background

PowerTac Thunderbolt

Powerful 1150 Lumen output will light up any cavern or crevice.

Caving and Spelunking Lighting

Get Ready To Dive Right In

Caving and Spelunking are considered an extreme sport and it can be a lot of fun! Battery Junction is here to make sure you have the best caving headlamp, the best LED light for caving, and overall the safest spelunking and caving lights that are available. The flashlights in this category offer some of the longest runtimes of all the products we offer and a portion of these lights feature Red or other colored LEDs that will help preserve your night vision and put less strain on your eyes after being in the dark for hours on end.

The main feature of these lights is the extremely long lasting runtimes. All of the lights in this category have at least a 5-hour runtime in the lowest light mode, however, most have runtimes that last longer than an entire day. These excessive runtimes are a safety measure that will prevent you and your group from being stuck in the dark. Additionally, as a caver or spelunker, you should be wearing a helmet to protect yourself from being injured. Most of the headlamps comes with a band that will fit securely on your helmet and provides you with long-lasting bright light while sitting snug on your helmet. Your life is literally in the hands of your light and you want to make sure you have the best caving-light available that will provide you with strong outputs for extended periods of time!

The Optimal Accessory for All Equipment

Several of the lights in this section come with an Intrinsically Safe rating. This rating makes these lights one of the safest tools you can have in your bag. An Intrinsically Safe light will not cause or induce excessive heat that will spark or cause explosions in certain environments. These environments can include caverns filled with combustible air, combustible dust, or different fibers in the air. While caving or spelunking if you come up to a room that is filled with the aforementioned dangers then the Intrinsically Safe rated lights will safely serve your needs.