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Ledlenser 502023 iH9R Rechargeable LED Headlamp - 600 Lumens - Includes Li-Ion Battery Pack

Item #: LEDLENSER-502023
Brand: Ledlenser
Item #: LEDLENSER-502023
Brand: Ledlenser
  • Patented Advanced Focus System provides a customizable beam allowing you to choose where to focus your light and when
  • Two modes for energy conservation or constant light output
  • Multiple mounting options including a rubber-coated headstrap and adhesive mounting kit
  • Multicolor LEDs including red, green, and blue for numerous activities and applications

iH9R Headlamp

Meet Your New Work Headlamp

The Ledlenser iH9R is a specialty headlamp designed to help users overcome common challenges presented on-the-job during construction, in a warehouse environment, or while out in the wilderness camping. With constant-on and energy-saving modes, it's easy to get the output you want. Plus, there are multiple colored LEDs embedded into the light, like red for map reading, green for night vision, and blue for fishing.

Advanced Focus System

The iH9R uses an Advanced Focus System that allows you to toggle between spot and flood modes. This makes it easy to adjust the beam to meet your needs either up close or far away. You can further customize the beam by utilizing the 50° angle movement to hone in on what you're doing.

TurboBoost HighPower MedMid Power LowLow Power
Brightness 600lumens 220lumen 120lumens 20lumens
Runtime - 3.5hours 8hours 40hours
Distance 200meters 140meters 100meters 40meters
TurboBoost HighPower MedMid Power LowLow Power
Brightness 600lumens 400lumen 170lumens 20lumens
Runtime - 7hours 10hours 60hours
Distance 200meters 180meters 120meters 40meters
  • Notable Features
  • » Mutlicolor LEDs in red, green, and blue for specialized applications like map reading and night vision preservation
  • » Two energy modes provide constant on or energy saving outputs for long-lasting illumination
  • » Patented Advanced Focus System toggles between spot and flood lighting at your leisure
  • » Compatible with two NiMH and alkaline AA batteries
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