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Energizer Vision HD 3AAA Performance Metal Flashlight - 250 Lumens - Includes 3 x AAA (EPMHH32E)

Brand: Energizer
Brand: Energizer
  • Dual brightness levels with up to 250 lumens of brightness and 11-hour max runtime
  • Quick access to strobe output for self-defense and signaling capability
  • Includes easily-replaceable 3 x Energizer AAA alkaline batteries
  • Compact size is easy to carry and lanyard is included for convenience
  • Manufactured with a high-quality aluminum alloy body for durability

Energizer Vision HD 3AAA Performance Metal Flashlight

Aluminum Alloy Light Powered by AAAs

Introducing the newest edition to the Energizer flashlight family, the Vision HD 3AAA Performance Metal Light. Running on just three common AAA batteries (included), this impressive light is able to generate a brilliant 250 Lumens of illumination that can reach up to 80 meters away. In addition to its maximum output, the Vision HD 3AAA also features a dimmer power-saver output and an emergency strobe output, all of which can be switched between smoothly thanks to the light's digital output regulation. The light's LED is specially designed to produce neutral white light, which is less stressful on our eyes compared with the cool white light that most LED flashlights produce. The Vision HD 3AAA's body is constructed from durable commercial-grade aluminum alloy, giving it improved impact and water resistance.

High Low Strobe
Brightness 100lumens 75lumens -
Runtime 2.5hours 11hours -
  • Notable Features
  • » Body crafted from commercial grade aluminum alloy for improved durability
  • » Customized optics design for impressive direct and peripheral vision
  • » Neutral white LED produces light that is more comfortable to view than light from more common cool white LEDs
  • » Digitally regulated outputs include regular, power-saver, and emergency strobe outputs
  • » Includes 3 x AAA Energizer Batteries
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