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Size 10

Yellow Tab Batteries for CIC & ITC Aids

Hearing aid batteries, size 10, are used in the popular Completely-in-Canal (CIC) and In-the-Canal (ITC) devices. These hearing instruments are the smallest and can easily fit inside of the user's ear canal, remaining somewhat hidden and out of sight. Because they are so small and are positioned in such a sensitive area, it is important that the hearing aids are powered by safe and reliable batteries. BatteryJunction.com is your #1 source for in-stock hearing aid batteries of all sizes, including the popular yellow-tabbed size 10 button cells.

Power-Packed, Yet Microscopic

These hearing aid batteries, in size 10, need to be extremely tiny in order to power the 3-centimeter CIC devices. These non-rechargeable batteries feature Zinc Air technology for long-lasting energy. Zinc Air batteries are different than other single-use cells. Size 10 button cells are only energized when exposed to oxygen. Once the yellow tab is released, oxygen is absorbed and utilized as an active mass to power the cell. In fact, a Zinc Air hearing aid battery reaches full voltage within five seconds of activation. Though tiny in size, size 10 hearing aid batteries typically last between three and seven days, depending on an individual's usage, level of hearing loss, and model of the device. In general, the more the instrument is used, the more battery power is required. Given that Zinc Air batteries offer a three- to four-year shelf life, we recommend buying at least a month's worth of batteries to keep on hand.

Why Buy Hearing Aid Batteries Online?

Truthfully, it is easier to buy hearing aid batteries in a convenience store. Heck, that's why they are called that - for the convenience. But with that ease comes an increase in price. BatteryJunction.com offers a broad selection of hearing aid batteries, including size 10 yellow-tabbed cells, all available for a reasonable price; no additional convenience fee! But what about shopping costs? BatteryJunction.com offers free shipping on overs over $50. If you are a hearing aid user, why not fill your cart up with other household batteries in addition to the size 10 batteries? For hearing care professionals and retailers, we suggest stocking up on inventory - remember, Zinc Air batteries offer a 4-year shelf life! Can't find the right size hearing aid battery? Please feel free to browse through our entire selection or contact us via phone, email, or live chat for assistance.