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Holter Monitor Batteries

Portable Holter (Cardiac) Monitors' Battery Application

Holter Monitors are small portable, battery-operated devices that conduct electrocardiograms continuously for up to 48 hours. Commonly powered by AA or AAA batteries, these devices' value comes from their ability to map an extended look at a patient's heart activity, so that professionals have more information on a patient's particular case than what could be gathered from a typical doctor's visit. Holter monitors are used in a variety of different capacities, logically they are used by cardiac centers and medical centers, but they are also frequently used by veterinarians to test breeds known for having heart conditions. Additionally, many people have to monitor their heart's condition for different reasons and can use Holter monitors to do so in their own home.

Long Lasting lithium

Lithium primary batteries are often the preferred choice for medical devices, due to the fact that they last longer and are lighter than their alkaline counterparts. Longevity and weight of battery are both important attributes for Holter monitor batteries since their battery life is expected to reach 48 hours and also because they are carried around by the patient for the duration of its use. BatteryJunction.com offers popular lithium primary batteries in sizes like AA and AAA, from brands like Energizer and Duracell, which are frequently used in cardiac monitors.

Buying Options

Customers looking for batteries to run their Holter monitors have a variety of different buying options depending on their needs, as BatteryJunction.com offers several different quantities and packaging for most batteries offered. If you're a business that rents out Holter monitors and interprets the results, then you might be interested in buying in bulk with minimal packaging. On the other hand, if you are conducting your own Holter tests every now and then from home, you might be interested in a smaller amount of batteries that are packaged. Any medical center, veterinarian office, or other facility using Holter monitors should seriously consider buying in bulk, as a lithium battery's shelf life is a lengthy ten years, and buying bulk orders over $50 yields an offer for free shipping.