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Security & Alarm Batteries

Security and Alarm Systems are available in a wider variety of brands and capabilities than ever before and batteries for wireless components and power backup is more important than ever.

Our experts here at BatteryJunction.com have compiled a list of our best home security batteries, which includes replacements for your smoke alarms, motion detectors, water sensors, and wire-free security cameras. Whether you need a single 9V battery for your smoke detector or you want to stock up on batteries for your entire home security system, we've got you covered.

We have home security and alarm batteries for the following brands and more: Arlo, Kwikset, Sabre, Doberman, Skylink, Ideal, FrontPoint, SimpliSafe.

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Smoke alarm batteries are necessary for any building, whether at home or in the workplace. These smoke- and carbon monoxide-sensing devices save lives and therefore need to be powered by a reliable source. Battery-powered smoke alarms are designed to work even when the power goes out. When it comes to buying replacement smoke alarm batteries, it is best not to take shortcuts, but rather to purchase the well-known and reputable brands that millions have grown to trust.

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Motion sensors within a home security system are the first line of defense used to prevent break-ins. It is important to keep these detectors fully powered and active at all times so that you many be notified of when an intruder is approaching. While each motion sensor differs slightly, by either turning on a light or by sending you a notification, the power source is almost always the same. Please browse through our entire selection of motion sensor battery replacements to find the right batteries for your individual device. There is no reason to leave these devices disarmed.

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Homeowners and business owners rely on wire-free security cameras to protect and monitor their property. Battery-powered surveillance cameras are becoming more and more popular because of their flexible and easy-to-use design. These wire-free cameras are also much more affordable than standard home security systems. However, when purchasing battery-powered security cameras, it is important to make sure you have an adequate supply of backup batteries for when you need to replace the current cells. BatteryJunction.com offers a wide variety of rechargeable and non-rechargeable batteries that are compatible with you home security cameras.

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