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IPX-Rating Infographic

IPX ratings are thrown around a lot these days, but what does it all mean? How noticeable is the difference between IPX-2 and IPX-7? Well, the short answer is - quite noticeable actually. Remember, electronic devices are highly sensitive to water, and protecting that electronic equipment can be challenging. So flashlights and other devices with high IPX ratings can often be a bit pricey, but with good reason. What's most important is to remember what you plan on using your light for. Do you really need a light that can be completely submerged in water? Or do you just need enough water resistance to take it through the rain without worrying about damages? And conversely, if you know your light will be routinely exposed to water, do you really want to save a few bucks in the short term just to get a light that could break in a short period of time? This infographic will teach you the differences between each IPX rating, and help you choose the light that fits your specific water resistance needs.