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LightStar Corp.

Helping Brighten Our World One Flashlight At A Time

LightStar Corporation, Manufacturer and Distributor of TerraLUX products, produces some of the best lighting solutions from start to finish. They make sure that every step between designing and distributing their illumination tools is done to the best of their abilities. LightStar flashlights feature bright LEDs and durability like never before. Moreover, you can find almost any product in the lighting family. Do you need a flashlight color filter - done! Do you need some batteries or a charger - you got it. Or if you find yourself in the need of the bright high color rendering flashlight, then LightStar Corporation has exactly what you need.

Additionally, LightStar works with other companies to help provide you the best product on the market. One example is the MiniStar Conversion Kit for the Streamlight Stinger, Stinger XT, and Polystinger flashlights. LightStar has created several conversion kits and other products that will help make your flashlights shine brighter!