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MecArmy Flashlights

About MecArmy

MecArmy flashlights are known for their innovative designs and high-quality craftsmanship. While other brands churn out the same-old black alumninum lights, MecArmy creates one-of-a-kind products that seek to solve common problems. Whether it's their unique SGN self-defense lights, the PT-series ultra-bright illuminators, or their FM right-angle flashlights, you'll find plenty of diverse options here. In addition to flashlights, can also find a wide assortment of MecArmy batteries, accessories, and gear here at Battery Junction!

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Quality EDC Flashlights from MecArmy

MecArmy flashlights are known for their high quality and innovative designs. The engineers at MecArmy are not just churning out the same old black aluminum hand-held lights into an already saturated market. Instead, they are taking the time to develop and manufacture one-of-a-kind LED flashlights that truly impress. From the unique 2-in-1 SGN5 series of keychain lights / personal self-defense alarms to their PT collection of ultra bright, rechargeable lights, there is something for everyone!

SGN Series

When discussing MecArmy flashlights, it's impossible not to bring up the SGN5 and SGN7 series. These keychain lights are equipped with personal self-defense sirens to bring you more peace of mind. Now the same light you use to navigate your way to your car can be used to scare off an attacker. There is no need to carry 2 different tools anymore. The engineers have combined them together into a handy, keychain light. The defensive Strobe automatically turns on when the panic siren is activated, further disorienting the aggressor so you can get away quickly and safely.

PT Series

MecArmy flashlights with the PT series meet the following criteria: bright, EDC, and rechargeable. Of course, as they get brighter, they also get bigger; however, the largest of the collection, the PT80, is still only 7.56 inches long, and yet offers an incredible 9600-lumen output! The PT80 can literally only be compared to a select few compact search lights from Olight and Fenix. In addition to being incredibly bright, while remaining small in size, many of these rechargeable flashlights double as a portable power bank for your other electronic devices. How handy is that?

More Than Just EDC Flashlights

What differentiates MecArmy from some of its competitors is that they offer a broad selection of everyday carry gear, self-defense tools, and tactical equipment. From tactical pens and jewelry to an assortment of batteries, flashlight accessories, and storage bins, MecArmy has everything you need to flush out your collection.