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MecArmy Tactical and EDC Gear

MecArmy Gear

MecArmy is known for their inventive flashlights; however, they also offer some of the most unique self-defense and tactical equipment available. When it comes to keeping yourself protected, MecArmy is a name you should come to know and love as they have developed and manufactured some impressive everyday carry gear you can take with you anywhere and put into use at a moment's notice.

Tactical Wearables

The trend today is to wear smartwatches, fitness trackers and other technology to track your steps, receive text messages and emails, and to communicate with friends. Why not wear your tactical equipment too? MecArmy offers a unique collection of tactical EDC gear that is made up of necklaces, rings, and other knuckle-adorned accessories. While we know and understand that wearing hidden tactical equipment is not actually a new concept, MecArmy has taken it to the next level with their innovative designs. The SKF3T, for example, is a titanium ring that is fitted with a steel strike bezel that can be used as a self-defense tool, if needed. In times of relaxation, this tactical ring can also be used as a bottle opener. Now you don't even have to remove your multi-tool from your pocket! How convenient is that?

Storage Bins & EDC Coins

MecArmy tactical EDC gear also includes their various styles of cases and containers. The B20 waterproof cases, for example, are designed to keep your everyday carry gear protected yet readily available. These hard plastic bins are impact-resistant and cant withstand extreme heat, while still protecting your equipment. Each case is equipped sold with customizable foam inserts to prevent smaller items from rattling around inside. MecArmy also has an EDC challenge coin, which is available in two finishes: brass and copper. Keep them as collectibles or carry them around with you as another fidget toy or even as a decision-maker.

Are you looking for a new LED flashlight to add to your gear? MecArmy flashlights are small enough, yet powerful enough to suit your everyday needs. Don't forget to include a backup battery with your purchase or feel free to browse through our entire selection of MecArmy products.