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Olight LED Flashlights

About Olight

Olight is one of the leading LED flashlight brands in the world, producing highly-rated tactical, everyday carry, and weapon lights to keep you out of the dark. With these lights comes Olight's own line of high-capacity li-ion batteries, and a wide range of accessories such as colored filters, remote pressure switches, and mounts. Almost all of Olight's current catalog utilizes their revolutionary magenetic charging tailcap design, eliminating the need (and cost) of external chargers.

Whether you're looking to buy an Olight flashlight, battery, or charger, you can be sure you're getting a top-notch product. If you see that classic blue bezel, you know you've picked a winner.

Now Introducing Oknife!

Olight has expanded their brand by incorporating tactical knives and gear into the fold. Featuring pocket knives, box cutters, pry tools, and more, Oknife is a great way to expand your EDC collection and enhance your day-to-day toolset. Oknives are quick to deploy, easy to use, and come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and limited edition colors.

Limited Edition Products

In recent years, Olight has made it clear that they believe variety is important. While their flashlights are usually black by default, you can expect to see blue, green, grey, tan, camo, or even red or purple versions released during limited edition events. They'll also release premium material batches, often in durable titanium or stylish copper.

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