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Best Flashlights for Photography

What Is The Best Photography Light?

We know from experience that a camera flash isn’t always enough to capture those nighttime moments, and not every flashlight works well for a photoshoot. Whether flashlight or headlamp, the best lights for night photography are compact, offer multiple color outputs, feature high CRI value, and have a hands-free configuration. We’ve picked our top two choices, but you can read about why these features matter below. Learn More

Top Pick

JETBeam PL-190R

JETBeam PL-190R

With the ability to cycle through the entire RGB spectrum and temperature range, the PL-190R is great for setting up the perfect shot and can be mounted directly to your camera.

Top Pick

Nitecore  SCL10

Nitecore SCL10

The SCL10 has variable output, variable temperature, and can be mounted directly to your camera so you can set up the best shot possible. Plus, it can function as a power bank.

Photo-Affecting Qualities

Color Rendering Index (CRI) is the measurement of a light’s ability to accurately illuminate objects’ colors. A flashlight with a high CRI will light things up as if they were in daylight, while lower CRI lights will wash out the natural colors. You should similarly look for LEDs with a neutral and warm tone, rather than a cool white LED. Finally, the Kelvin temperature of your beam should be between 4000K and 4700K. Beams outside of this range may have higher blue and red tones that may distort your perception, and the photos you take.

Hands-Free Illumination

You shouldn’t be fiddling with your flashlight while trying to find the perfect shot on your camera. Flashlights that attach to your camera stand or a right-angle light are ideal, but a good headlamp can be a game changer in the right situation.

Light Painting

If you’re a photographer interested in light painting, your flashlight is essentially your medium. We suggest a lightweight, hand-held flashlight with multiple output modes and color-tinted LEDs. Flashlights with a memory-mode can be incredibly useful so you’ll retain the same beam output between bursts for more intricate painting.