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Best Flashlights for Photography

Nitecore TIP CRI

Innovative CRI light technology will show colors accurately.

OLIGHT M2R Warrior

Available with Neutral White LEDs.

Fenix FD65

3800 Bright Lumens to capture your image.

Fenix CL20

The magnetic base provides stable lighting for hours on end.


Keep both hands on your camera with this hands-free head-lamp.

Best Lights and Flashlights for Photography

Warm and Neutral LEDs for Your Needs

With the newest enhancements in photo technology you can capture almost any image if you have the right tool! Night photography gear is not easy to come by but Battery Junction has the best photo lights you could want for your night shoot. What makes our flashlights and headlamps best for night photography is the warm/neutral white LEDs, the hands-free lighting options, and CRI technology.

What's so great about CRI lights?

CRI stands for Color Rendering Index and out flashlights that use CRI technology lets you accurately visualize the colors of the objects in front of you. High color rendering flashlights are critical for night photography because the beam of light will not wash out the natural colors. Neutral and Warm LEDs follow a similar suit. When you have a flashlight or headlamp with neutral LEDs the color will not be washed out like it can be if you are using a light with Cool White LEDs. A photo taken at night will come out the best when you have a flashlight that will produce a neutral, and high color rendering, beam of light. Another helpful aspect of lighting that should be acknowledged when looking for the best flashlights to use for night photography is the Kelvin Temperature of the light beam. For natural night photography, you want to have a light that shows colors as they are in nature. For an accurate color rendering, you want a flashlight with a light temperature that ranges from 4000K to 4700K. This range doesn't have highly visible blue or red tones that would typically distort your perception, making it the optimal temperature range for night photography.

Light Painting

Beyond improving the area lighting during night photography sessions. New age photographers have adapted a new type of art form called light painting. Light painting is when you take long exposer photos and use a hand-held light to form shapes in the photo. LED lights work best and typically warmer lights that show off yellow or orange will show up more clearly and be less harsh against the dark contrast of the night. Check out our great products on this page to find the perfect flashlight or headlamp for your next photo shoot.