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Acebeam ARC14500-920 14500 920mAh 3.7V Lithium Ion (Li-ion) Button Top Battery with USB-C Charging Port

Item #: ACEBEAM-ARC14500-920
Brand: Acebeam
Item #: ACEBEAM-ARC14500-920
Brand: Acebeam
  • 14500 lithium ion battery with 920mAh capacity
  • Best for flashlights as a rechargeable AA alternative
  • Environmentally friendly with nominal voltage of 3.7V

Acebeam ARC 14500 920mAh Battery

Lithium Ion Button Top Battery

The Acebeam ARC 14500 is a Lithium Ion button top battery. These units are ideal for flashlights, offering an environmentally friendly rechargeable option in comparison to traditional AA batteries. This rechargeable battery features an in-body USB-C charging port, with a 920mAh capacity and nominal voltage of 3.7V.

  • Notable Features
  • » 14500 lithium ion battery is rechargeable
  • » Nominal 3.7V with 920mAh capacity
  • » Best used with flashlights such as Acebeam Rider RX
  • » Environmentally friendly option compared to traditional AA batteries
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