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Fitorch EA25 LED Flashlight - Luminus SST70 - 3000 Lumens - Includes 1 x 21700 with Built-in USB-C Charging Port

Item #: FITORCH-EA25
Brand: Fitorch
Item #: FITORCH-EA25
Brand: Fitorch
  • 3,000 lumens and a 250-meter throw - fierce illumination to light up your backyard
  • Multiple output modes are accessible via easy side switch operation
  • Strobe, SOS, and beacon modes offer distinct signaling capability
  • High-capacity battery supports the light with a maximum 227-hour runtime

Fitorch EA25 LED Flashlight

3,000 Lumens in the Palm of Your Hands

Ready for late-night adventure, the Fitorch EA25 is a powerhouse with plenty of illumination to go around! Thanks to its high-performance Luminus SST70 LED and optical glass lens, this light outputs a max 3,000 lumens and a 250-meter throw on turbo mode. This way, you have blazing brightness that is best for hiking the trail, maintenance work, or projects in the backyard.

This light has 8 output modes, giving you a wide variety of lighting options. Thanks to strobe, SOS, and beacon modes you have added protection in case of emergency. Control all output modes via simple side switch operation!

Higher Capacity, Reliable Runtimes

The EA25 runs on a 5,000mAh 21700 battery, which has the capacity to support high runtimes best. As a result, eco mode runs for a total of 227 hours, and other brightness level runtimes are adequately supported. This light is fully rechargeable via USB-C, offering a rapid, reliable charge that gets you right back outdoors.

Turbo High Medium Low Eco Strobe
Brightness 3,000lumens 800lumens 300lumens 150lumens 10lumens 3,000lumens
Runtime 2.6hours 5.25hours 14.2hours 29hours 227hours -
Distance 250meters - - - - -
Intensity 15,577candela - - - - -
Note: On Turbo, the EA25 will start from 3000 lumens and then step down to 1000 lumens within 2 minutes.
It will stay at 1000 lumens until the battery runs out.
  • Notable Features
  • » Includes a two-way pocket clip for hands-free lighting
  • » Strobe, beacon, and SOS modes available for assistance in emergencies
  • » Side switch also acts as a power indicator, letting you know when to head back
  • » Lock and unlock function helps prevent accidental activation
  • » 5-inch length and 1-inch diameter makes this a compact light that's great to carry
  • » IPX8 waterproof rating and 1-meter drop resistance protects the light from wear and tear!
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