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Energizer 362 / 361 1.55V 27mAh Silver Oxide SR721W, SR721SW - 1 Piece Tear Strip

Item #: ENERGIZER-362-361TZ
Brand: Energizer
Item #: ENERGIZER-362-361TZ
Brand: Energizer
  • Silver oxide coin cell battery with mercury free guarantee.
  • 362 size coin cells are widely used in small electronics and medical equipment.
  • 1.55 volts with 27mAh capacity for long, stable run times.
  • Long, safe shelf life - perfect for bulk and storage.

Energizer 362/361 Silver Oxide SR721W, SR721SW

As a silver oxide button battery, the Energizer 362/361 is a compact and powerful cell that combines the favorable characteristics of a silver oxide chemistry with the reliability of Energizer. Silver oxide cells tend to have a more reliable performance than alkaline button batteries since silver oxide's have a stable output voltage and low self-discharge making them ideal for continuous use devices. Ideal applications for an Energizer 362/361 include use in watches, calculators, digital thermometers, heart-rate monitors, small electronic toys, glucometers, and keyless entry systems for homes and cars.

  • Energizer 362,361
  • Sony SR721SW SR721W
  • Duracell 362 361
  • Gold Peak 362 361
  • Kodak Maxell SR721SW SR721W
  • Panasonic SP362 SP361
  • Rayovac 362 361
  • Timex SX
  • Toshiba SR721SW SR721W
  • Varta V362 V361
  • Seiko SR721SW TR721SW
  • ANSI/NEDA 1158SO
  • IEC SR58

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