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Varta 6127 CR1/2 AA CR14250 950mAh 3V Lithium (LiMnO2) Battery - Bulk

Item #: VARTA-CR12AA
Brand: Varta
Item #: VARTA-CR12AA
Brand: Varta
  • This specialty sized battery is the perfect fit for tiny devices
  • High energy density provides a 10 Year Shelf Life so that back-ups will work like they're fresh out of the package
  • Designed for low drain applications, a maximum discharge of 10mA will cause the battery to last
  • Operable in varying climates from extreme heat to extreme cold, so temperature is never an issue to consider
Varta CR 1/2 AA 3V Lithium BatteryVarta CR 1/2 AA Battery, half the size of a standard AA battery and double the voltage (3 volt). The Varta CR1/2AA, or CR14250 uses Lithium Manganese Dioxide chemistry for a high energy density and a wide operating temperature range of -40°C to + 85°C. Self discharge is low at less than 0.5% per annum at 20°C, giving an effective shelf life of 10 years. Suitable for CMOS replacements, diving computers and many other electronic devices. Maximum discharge current of 10mA; designed for low drain applications.

Please note that these primary cells are NOT rechargable. Under no circumstances should they be placed in a charger. When fully discharged, please dispose of according to your local regulations.

  • Height: 25mm
  • Diameter: 14.5mm
  • Weight: 11.5g
Cell Size:
  • ANSI: 1/2AA, 1/2R6, 1/2UM3
  • IEC: 1/2ER6
SANYO: CR14250, CR12450 SE, CR14250SE, VARTA: 6127, CR1/2AA, CR 1/2 AA, CR 1/2AA, CR1/2 AA, CR-1/2-AAPLEASE NOTE: Reversed polarity with positive and negative terminals reversed from usual placement.
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