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AED Replacement 9146 7500mAh 12V Lithium Sulfur Dioxide (LiSO2) Battery Pack for Cardiac Science™ Powerheart G3 and G3 Plus Defibrillators - Blue, White, or Yellow

Item #: ABE-9146-OPT
Brand: ABE
Item #: ABE-9146-OPT
Brand: ABE
  • Replacement AED power unit for Cardiac Science™ Powerheart G3
  • Lasts for 5 years in storage, providing reliable power for emergencies
  • Passes FDA, USCFR, GUDID, and ISO Standards
  • FDA Cleared under 510(k) K120350

ABE Cardiac Science™ 9146 AED Battery

For Use With Powerheart G3 and G3 Plus AEDs

With long-lasting lithium chemistry and powerful 12-volt performance, the ABE 9146 is a replacement for Cardiac Science™ Powerheart G3 AED power units. This battery is ideal for the popular Powerheart G3 and the G3 Plus AED - an emergency life-saving medical device now found in schools, businesses and public spaces across the country. The ABE 9146 provides 12 volts of reliable power and has an incredible 5 Year Shelf Life, great for long-term storage. This battery is available in multiple colors (yellow, blue and white) so you can match it to your particular device.

The ABE Cardiac Science™ 946 AED battery is manufactured under strict FDA regulations to ensure that the safest and the best quality product is going to be provided to consumers. This battery is made with green technology and can be properly returned back to ABE. Their battery return program is helping clean up the environment one battery at a time. Additionally, there are over two million AED batteries that need to be used and the low price offered by ABE will provide you with the batteries you need without breaking your budget.

This is a fully compatible aftermarket replacement battery. It is not made, warranted or authorized by Cardiac Science™.

  • Notable Features
  • » Green battery technology is FDA Cleared under 510(k) K120350
  • » Non Rechargeable - Do not attempt to recharge
  • » Constructed with OEM Components and identical performance
  • » Save money by buying re-celled battery packs
  • » Always have a backup AED battery for uninterrupted service
  • » 5 Year shelf life
  • » Compatible with Cardiac Science™, Powerheart, G3 9300A and 9300E, G3 Plus 9390A and 9390E, and Burdick Cardiovive AT
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