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Panasonic Industrial 6LF22XWA1SB (24 Pack) Alkaline 9V Battery with Snap Connector (6LF22XWA/1SB) - Box of 24

Brand: Panasonic
Brand: Panasonic
  • Alkaline-zinc/manganese dioxide (Zn/MnO2) chemistry supplies long-lasting runtimes
  • Primary industrial-strength battery with a 5 year shelf life for high performance on demand
  • Broad operable temperature ranging between -4°F and 130°F applicable to most work environments
  • Box of 24 9-volt batteries is a smart buy, as it is both cost-effective and stocks a replacement supply

Panasonic 9V Industrial Alkaline Battery with Snap Connector Terminal - Box of 24

Craftsman Consistency — Precision Manufacturing Power

The Panasonic 6LF22XWA/1SB is an industrial alkaline 9V battery that provides epic runtimes and delivers a reliable power supply. Snap connector terminals are both widely used and specifically required by specialty devices in industrial settings and at home. This battery boasts formidable manufacturing worthy of powering life-saving medical instruments and emergency two-way hand transceivers. This battery will more than meet the match of your next 9-volt need.

5 Year Shelf Life

The Panasonic Industrial Alkaline 9V has a certified shelf life of 5 years. Long shelf lives are perfect for bulk products like this box of 24, as there will always be another 9V for as long as your supply lasts.

Notable Features

» Stable alkaline chemistry achieves reliable runtimes and a shelf life of 5 years for all-around dependability whether in storage or on the job
» Replacement 9V for general appliances like fire/carbon monoxide alarms and has specific medical applications like serving as the TENS unit battery supply
» High-quality design and heavy duty manufacturing promises precision and delivers a consistent, measured output great for long-term applications
» Snap connector terminal delivers a constant secure power supply to devices while keeping anodes and diodes free from dust to prevent malfunctions
This is a primary alkaline-zinc battery which cannot be placed in a battery charger. Inserting non-rechargeable primary alkaline cells into charge devices poses a safety risk and will cause irreparable damage to both the battery and charging station. This box of 24 will provide a supply of 9V replacements when one of these long lasting batteries finally runs dry.

Note: These batteries are re-packaged for convenience for OEM, commercial, and industrial users.

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