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Enersys NP7-6 7Ah 6V Rechargeable Sealed Lead Acid (SLA) Battery - F1 Terminal

Item #: ENERSYS-NP7-6
Brand: EnerSys
Item #: ENERSYS-NP7-6
Brand: EnerSys

Enersys NP7-6 SLA (Sealed Lead Acid) Battery

Enersys's Genesis NP7-6 is a sealed lead acid (SLA) battery featuring a 6V voltage and 7Ah energy capacity. Made with a lead calcium alloy, you can expect a 3-5 year lifespan (1000+ charge cycles) when used in float applications at a recommended temperature range. A low pressure relief valve releases built-up pressure within the case, and a vent re-seals, ensuring the highest internal recombination rate possible. Leak proof, reliable, and mainenance-free, the Genesis NP7-6 is a excellent SLA battery choice.


  • Brand: Enersys
  • Voltage: 6V
  • Capacity: 7.0Ah
  • Terminal: Fast-on Tab .187"
  • Lifespan: 3-5 Years
  • Operating Temp: -5°F (-15°C) to 122°F (50°)
  • Recommended Temp: 68°F (20°C) to 86°F (30°)


  • Length: 151mm (5.95")
  • Width: 33mm (1.30")
  • Height: 100mm (3.94")
  • Weight: 1.25kg (2.76lb)
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