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Panasonic NCR18650BE 3200mAh 3.7V Unprotected 3.63A Lithium Ion (Li-ion) Flat Top Battery - Boxed

Item #: PANASONIC-NCR18650BE-3200
Brand: Panasonic
Item #: PANASONIC-NCR18650BE-3200
Brand: Panasonic
  • Rechargeable energy that can be charged up to 500 times is not only good for the environment, but your wallet as well.
  • A consistent discharge current of 3.63A, this battery is perfect for long term use in LED lighting, flashlights, toys, and other electronic devices.
  • Having a flat top terminal and no included PCB, these batteries are also perfect for customizing your own battery packs for a variety of projects.
  • Lithium-ion cells are able to hold a higher capacity than alkaline cells making them a rechargeable favorite.

Panasonic NCR18650BE

Unprotected Flat Top 18650 Battery

The Panasonic NCR18650BE is an 18650 battery with a significant 3,200mAh capacity that utilizes NCR li-ion chemistry. It's substantial 3.63A max continuous discharge rate supports mid-to-high-drain devices, and its unprotected, flat top terminal design makes it a great choice for making battery packs.

Not only can the NCR18650BE be recharged 300+ times for added longterm value, but it also does so in as little as five hours!

Rechargeable & Reusable

Invest in a rechargeable battery that will last for years to come– this battery can be recharged 300+ times.

3 Year Shelf Life

Stock up and store spare batteries with confidence– lithium ion batteries have a 3+ year shelf life, ensuring you always have a fresh replacement when you need it.

Notable Features

» 3,200mAh capacity provides long runtimes for all your devices
» Flat top terminal is perfect for use in making OEM battery packs
Please note that these batteries have flat top terminals, and may not be compatible with some devices.


Unless equipped and 'protected' with a PCB (protection circuit module) and/or similar device, lithium ion (li-ion) rechargeable battery cells are not recommended by or our parent and associated companies, or the respective manufacturers, as a stand-alone product. Misuse of lithium ion rechargeable battery cells can pose a serious risk of personal injury or property damage.
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